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Blink Title of Tab in Browser

by calipussoftware (via)
Did you ever notice that sometimes your tab title gets updated on it’s own while you are browsing websites in other tab. There are many websites that do it. For eg. you shall notice that GMAIL update the title tab with counter of total number of unread email, each time your receive a new email. It’s a good practice to notify your customer that – something has just happened which needs your attention. That way your customer would not loose that important task and you would not loose that customer. Sounds Great!!


trevorlinton/webkit.js · GitHub

by Krome
An experimental port of WebKit (Specifically, webcore) to JavaScript aimed at running in both node.js and browsers. This is currently non-functional and is intended for developers and contributors.



by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
SlimerJS is similar to PhantomJs, except that it runs Gecko, the browser engine of Mozilla Firefox, instead of Webkit.

Conditionizr: the conditional free legacy, retina, touch, script and style loader

by 84GHz (via)
Conditionizr is a fast and lightweight (3KB) javascript utility that detects browser vendor - touch features and retina displays - allowing you to serve conditional JavaScript and CSS files.


Web Audio Demos

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A collection of web audio demos

2011 - Real-time log monitoring in your browser

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A server + web client, which makes it easy to harvest and display logs from servers and web applications. Syslog + graylog plugins on the go.

TweeterFall – Web Workers

by Xavier Lacot
A web workers tutorial, for implementing a Twitter fall in a web page.

Navigation Timing

by Xavier Lacot
This brand new specification defines an interface for web applications to access timing information related to navigation and elements. When implemented, this will help track web pages frontend performance.



by Xavier Lacot & 13 others
Modernizr detects native availability of many modern features in web browsers

SVG-edit demo

by piouPiouM
Un éditeur en ligne de fichiers SVG.


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