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May 2006


by rikaizm & 7 others

April 2006

March 2006


by ycc2106
All the bookmarklets I have crossed are listed here! Hope this can be usefull to everybody.

Bookmarklet Builder

by jackysee & 8 others (via)
先打好 code,再到這裏 compress 你的 javascript 成為 bookmarklet

The Man in Blue > Experiments > JSCalc

by lz00zl & 5 others
JSCalc is a bookmarklet that creates a calculator on top of any web page that you are currently viewing. Just activate the bookmarklet and start typing in the figures that you need to calculate add up prices, figure out percentages, determine the 24th decimal of Pi; anything you can count

February 2006

January 2006

Jesse's Bookmarklets Site

by Joseafigueira & 45 others
Bookmarklets are free tools to help with repetitive or otherwise impossible tasks in your web browser. To use a bookmarklet from this site on another web page:

December 2005

Bookmarklet Crunchinator

by rickdog & 11 others
Based on the Javascript Crunchinator Demo, you can use this to quickly create a bookmarklet from some javascript code.