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by NiMe & 1 other
Langage compilant vers Java, .NEt et Javascript


Microsoft, jQuery, and Templating

by ms_michel

If you don’t want to write JavaScript, then we recommend that you use the server controls in the Ajax Control Toolkit.

If, however, you are interested in creating client-side interactivity without server controls then we recommend that you use jQuery.

Google Chart Tools - Google Code

by geraldg & 1 other
The Google Chart Tools enable adding live charts to any web page.



JSONSharp - C# meets JSON

by ms_michel
JSONSharp is a C# library for generating JSON-formatted data. The library is very lightweight and fully object-oriented. The library was born out of a need to generate JSON-compliant strings from the server-side of a .Net application. The library is easily extensible to handle specific implementations to ease the syntactical burden of incorporating the library into your own project.



by ms_michel & 1 other (via)
An open source implementation of JSON and JSON-RPC for .NET.


by ms_michel is a top quality Javascript library which offers great features to enhance the experience of website users. The aim of this project is to port such features in easy-to use ASP.NET controls.

Client script after clientside validation

by ms_michel
Exécuter un javascript côté client après que la validation .Net côté client soit terminé mais avant que la validation côté serveur intervienne.

Newtonsoft Json.NET

by ms_michel
he Json.NET API allows the simple and safe reading and writing of JSON objects from .NET. Using readers and writers, similar to .NET's XML API, Json.NET will be familiar to most .NET developers and makes passing messages between .NET and JavaScript a snap.

Prototype Window Class

by geraldg & 16 others
The Prototype Window Class allows you to add in-browser windows with the flick of a few lines of code (and CSS to tweak). The window features: Resizable windows, Minimize/Maximize, Modal Dialogs, Visual Effects, Skinnable

SitePoint - Fresh Thinking for Web Developers and Designers

by noelopan & 36 others
Excellent site dédié au Webmastering. Webdesign, langages, promotion et référencement de sites, outils, stratégie de conception de site, problèmes de propriété intellectuelle...


RIALTO - Rich Internet Application Toolkit

by ditoudi & 7 others (via)
Rialto is a cross browser javascript widgets library. Because it is technology agnostic it can be encapsulated in JSP, JSF, .Net or PHP graphic components.

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