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Using HTML5 and Javascript to Deliver Text-Based Audio Descriptions | WGBH/NCAM

by Monique

IBM Research-Tokyo recently partnered with NCAM to research ways to deliver online audio descriptions via text-to-speech (TTS) methods, rather than using human recordings. IBM and NCAM explored two approaches which exploit new HTML5 media elements as well as Javascript and TTML



by Monique

The goal of this project is to rely on declarative W3C standards (namely, SMIL Timing and SMIL Timesheets) to synchronize HTML content. These demos rely purely on our Timesheet Scheduler: 100% declarative and standard-based, no specific JavaScript code is used.

Analyzing Network Characteristics Using JavaScript And The DOM, Part 1 - Smashing Coding

by Monique & 1 other

As Web developers, we have an affinity for developing with JavaScript. Whatever the language used in the back end, JavaScript and the browser are the primary language-platform combination available at the user’s end. It has many uses, ranging from silly to experience-enhancing.

An accessible, keyboard friendly custom select menu | 456 Berea Street

by Monique & 1 other

And finally a reminder: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Punkchip | Why we should support users with no Javascript

by Monique

The 2010 WebAIM Screen Reader Survey found that only 1.6% of screenreader users have no Javascript when browsing (compared to 10.4% the previous year) so that argument is wearing thin.


We Haven’t Forgotten About Accessibility, Have We? - Monday By Noon

by Monique
After all, the accessible nature of Web standards was a good argument to those that didn’t stand behind standards, right? Lately I’ve been fearing that we may have in part lost sight of how truly important accessibility is.

Wealthfront Engineering: jQuery the Right Way

by Monique
jQuery has changed the way we write Javascript by abstracting out much of the painful cross-browser implementation details that used to plague developers, but to use it correctly still requires a little knowledge about what’s going on under the hood.

Javascript Accessibility Guidelines — Hall of Bright Carvings

by Monique
Purpose: The nature of the internet is that not everyone will receive JavaScript in the way intended. Therefore JavaScript should be applied in a way that enhances the page, rather than requiring it.

Accessibility does not prevent you from using JavaScript or Flash | 456 Berea Street

by Monique
A common misconception is that in order to make a website accessible you have to abstain from using JavaScript or Flash. Almost every time I hold a workshop on Web standards and accessibility there is at least one participant who believes that accessibility limits what they can do on the Web by telling them to stay away from anything that isn’t pure HTML.

Slidy : How to create an HTML Slideshow

by Monique
create a slide show / PowerPoint like presentation using just HTML, CSS and JavaScript


JavaScript Framework Matrix - Overview with functions and examples

by dzc & 4 others
overview of popular JavaScript frameworks and their functions. There are various examples for the frameworks and every snippet contains links to the official documentation.


Serving JavaScript Fast

by Monique & 11 others (via)
Techniques côté serveur pour améliorer la rapidité d'un site dépendant beaucoup de javascript/css

Web Browser Standards Support

by Monique & 9 others
Support : Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera web browsers, with focus on the HTML, CSS, DOM, and ECMAScript technologies.

AJAX, JavaScript and accessibility

by Monique & 2 others
Approche progressive et non obstructive, exemples simples


AJAX and Accessibility

by Monique & 10 others (via)
Utiliser Ajax et respecter l'accessibilité, notamment pour les formulaires.

Javascript logging

by Monique & 5 others (via)
A logging architecture for Javascript development, simpler debugging method.

Web Browser Standards Support

by Monique & 2 others (via)
Support (X)HTML, CSS, DOM, XLM, RSS... pour IE 6, Firefox 1.0 et Opera 8 (une pétition à signer pour Safari). Très complet !

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