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by NiMe & 1 other
Langage compilant vers Java, .NEt et Javascript


WebJars - Web Libraries in Jars

by mfaure
inclure Bootstrap, JQuery ou autre directement dans le pom.xml et dans le WEB-INF/META-ING

OpenDocument Format for developers

by astrochoupe
Bibliothèque pour lire et écrire des documents OpenDocument


Security/Encryption vHMAC SHA256

by Hieroglyphe
Examples of creating base64 hashes using HMAC SHA256 in different languages


9 Fallacies of Java Performance

by night.kame

Empirical studies have shown that human beings cannot normally perceive changes in numeric data (e.g. price movements) occurring more frequently than once every 200ms.

Consequently for applications that have a human as their primary user, a useful rule of thumb is that Stop-The-World (STW) pause of 200ms or under is usually of no concern. Some applications (e.g. streaming video) need lower GC jitter than this, but many GUI applications will not.

Voilà, pas la peine de tuer la machine à rafraichir trop souvent, 5Hz ça suffit.

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