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December 2006 Smile3D

by chickenfire
Smile3D is a Java based chat uses 3D avatars. Avatar changes expression and mood according to user choices; It can also interacts with all the objects present into the same room where currently the avatar stays.. Java3D framework is used.

October 2006

September 2006

Midnight Mars Browser

by chickenfire
allows home users to download images and view slideshows and "virtual reality" panoramas from the Mars Exploration Rovers

August 2006


by chickenfire & 4 others
Ressources VRML, Chat3D, 3D sur le web

Java3D Forums at SUN

by chickenfire
Java3d Forum at SUN's Java Technology Forums.

July 2006

java3d: Java 3D Parent Project

by chickenfire & 2 others
java3d project home page at

Java 3D javadoc

by chickenfire
javadoc for the Java3D api (3d graphics for the java programming language).

Java 3D Forum at

by chickenfire
Forum about the Java 3D API of the java programming language.

November 2005

August 2005

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