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JGoodies :: Java User Interface Design

by Regis & 3 others
JGoodies focuses on Java look, UI design and usability. We provide articles, libraries, example applications, desktop patterns and a Swing application architecture. Our free professional open source desktop libraries help you build well designed Swing forms and screens. Test our free tools and demos and see yourself (jdiskreport, metamorphosis, skeleton pro)

April 2008

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February 2007 How to Write a Custom Swing Component

by benoit

This article walks through the process of creating a new Swing component of medium complexity and highlights the important points, steps, and pitfalls along the way.

Découverte de SWT/JFace

by maxxyme
La bibliothèque graphique SWT, créée pour le projet Eclipse, fait de l'ombre à celles de Sun, AWT et Swing. Performances, composants natifs : découvrez ses avantages.

November 2006

Almanac Dev Java

by m69bv3
Exemple java swing

Java-Swing Blog

by m69bv3 & 1 other
Blog sur Swing avec exemples

October 2006


by Regis (via)
Multi environment application framework. You develop applications à la Swing, and they are web apps! Looks like Google Web Toolkit.

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