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March 2006

February 2006

Java ID3 Tag Library

by bcpbcp & 1 other (via)
This library reads song information, such as song title, artist, and album, from an MP3 file. It supports ID3v1, ID3v1.1, Lyrics3v1, Lyrics3v2, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3, and ID3v2.4 tags. MP3 Frame Headers can also be read. There is a FilenameTag, a ID3v2.4 tag that is intelligently derived from the file name. It contains tag synchronization utilities, multiple save options, and easy tag conversion methods. more ... It is hosted at

November 2005

September 2005

Soot: a Java Optimization Framework

by Riduidel
Soot is a Java optimization framework. It provides four intermediate representations for analyzing and transforming Java bytecode:

JUnit, Testing Resources for Extreme Programming

by Riduidel & 1 other
This site is dedicated to software developers using JUnit or one of the other XUnit testing frameworks.

HttpUnit Home

by Riduidel & 7 others
unit testing for web applications

Hansel - ReadMe

by Riduidel & 1 other
Hansel is an extension to JUnit that adds code coverage testing to the testing framework.

Don't Use System.out.println!

by Riduidel & 2 others
Comprehensive (and by far better than default one) documentation for Log4J

Java Library Finder

by kathleen_vincent
A database of java libraries listed by name, category, description.

August 2005