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August 2007

Lms 1.0. A web based tcpmon like tool to debug webservices

by ddelangle (via)
Lms is an acronym for Logging Meta Service; its goal and use are very similar to the Axis' TCP monitor's goals: it logs any TCP communication and gives developers the opportunity to review any request.

June 2007

InfoQ: Seam 2.0 Beta Adds Groovy and Experimental GWT Support

by ddelangle (via)
Three months after the release of Seam 1.2.1, Seam 2.0 has been released as beta. . Seam is an application framework for Java EE 5.0 the ties together many Java EE frameworks, such as EJB3, JSF, jBPM, JBoss Rules (Drools), and iText. Seam's stateful design allows those frameworks to interact with each other in ways that simplify the development of a variety of enterprise applications

OpenXML4J - Office Open XML API for Java

by ddelangle (via)
OpenXML4J is a Java library dedicated to the creation and manipulation of Office Open XML (ECMA-376) and OPC based documents (for example Office 2007 Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents). OpenXML4J provides you a way to create and manipulate Open XML documents for a bunch of scenarios without using any office suite.

May 2007

Raible Designs | [TSE] Hop into Real Object Oriented (ROO) with Ben Alex

by ddelangle
Real Object Oriented (ROO) is both an architectural approach and a framework with code generation. ROO uses 4 (UI, middle-tier, domain model and persistence) layers instead of 3. Most of of the code is in the domain model. In the persistence layer, most DAOs only differ in finder methods. Rather than DAOs, "Repositories" (from DDD) are used.

Raible Designs | AppFuse 2.0 M5 Released - now with CRUD generation and XFire support

by ddelangle
This release marks a milestone in the features of AppFuse 2.x. This release adds CRUD code generation, full source support (just like 1.x) and XFire integration.

April 2007

Simon Phipps, SunMink: Full Java Stack In Ubuntu

by Xavier Lacot
A full Java developer stack with tools is available from today in the Multiverse repository for Ubuntu 7.04 (that's Feisty Fawn). It includes JDK 6, the Glassfish Java EE server, the NetBeans development environment and the Java DB database.

February 2007

InfoQ: Struts 2 Goes GA

by ddelangle
The Apache Struts Team has announced that version 2.0.6 will be released as General Availability (GA)

January 2007

OVal - object validation framework for Java™ 5 or later

by ddelangle (via)
OVal is a generic validation framework for any kind of Java objects (not only JavaBeans)

Welcome to Solr

by mbertier & 5 others (via)
Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java search library, with XML/HTTP and JSON APIs, hit highlighting, faceted search, caching, replication, and a web administration interface. It runs in a Java servlet container such as Tomcat.

November 2006

Sun relicenses Java under GPL

by ddelangle
The rumors have been confirmed by Sun: Java is going to be released in full under the GPL v2. The initial plan is to release Hotspot and the javac compiler under the GPL v2, with the rest of Java to follow in the first half of 2007.

September 2006

Nuxeo: Pourquoi ne pas continuer avec Zope ?

by mbertier
"Mais les ressources de développement et la communauté [Python] restent malheureusement limitées. Nous ne pouvons pas travailler à la fois sur l'infrastructure technologique (serveur d'application, base de données objet, outils de programmation et bibliothèques) et sur les applications."

June 2006

Portals Bridges - Portals Bridges Home Page

by mbertier & 1 other
Portals Bridges provides support for JSR-168 compliant Portlet development using common web frameworks like Struts, JSF, PHP, Perl and Velocity.

01net. - Le serveur d'applications de Red Hat passe de JOnAS à JBoss

by ddelangle
L'outil d'ObjectWeb fait les frais de la stratégie de l'éditeur. Red Hat Application Server utilisait JOnAS depuis deux ans.

April 2006

March 2006

Ruby on Rails vs. Java: An Expert Roundtable

by ddelangle & 1 other (via)
Une discussion intéressante sur les différences entre Java et Ruby

alphaWorks : Bytecode Instrumentation Profiling Toolkit for Java : Overview

by ddelangle
A toolkit that helps developers and performance specialists exploit bytecode instrumentation for the purpose of profiling Java applications.

Using JConsole

by ddelangle (via)
Jconsole is a JMX-compliant monitoring tool.

February 2006 I Don't Get Spring

by ddelangle (via)
I haven't been able to get my head around your framework. Even worse, I've noticed what I consider to be a dangerous and blind increase in the rate of Spring adoption.

January 2006

Oracle ADF Faces Goes Open Source

by ddelangle
Oracle is pleased to announce the donation of ADF Faces, a rich set of UI components based on the JavaServer Faces specification, to the Apache Software Foundation


by ddelangle & 1 other (via)
Un DMS client riche (eclipse) basé sur Jackrabbit

Tapestry 4.0 Released

by ddelangle
After nearly two years of work, the Tapestry development team is proud to announce the next major release of the Tapestry web application framework.

Enterprise Java Community: Using Eclipse BIRT Report Libraries and Templates

by ddelangle
Une solution de reporting OSS en Java qui se développe très vite

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