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WWWJDIC: Word Search

by NiMe
Dictionnaire japonais - anglais -français


by NiMe
Tout savoir sur le kimono



Foreign Japanese Sweets - Moé Takemura

by NiMe & 1 other
Cookbook "Foreign Japanese Sweets" shows beginners how to make Japanese traditional desserts using ingredients available in Western countries.



by NiMe
Boutique japon paris


by ainos & 1 other
Illustrator. Consists of two members; Kenji Oikawa and Mayuko Takeuchi. Living and working in Tokyo, Japan. Active in magazines, picture books, and comics.


19 Days in Japan · A Journey Through the Land of the Rising Sun

by gregg
19 Days in Japan is not intended to simply be a website or a blog, but our voice, an expression of our adventures and struggles in a place so far away from home. We want you to join us on this wonderful journey, feel the thrills and the stir, feel like you could very well be striding along us across the land of the rising sun, Japan.

From London to Shibuya • 15 Days in Japan

by gregg
This a recording of my first experiences in Japan as I travel across the country and meet many different people.

Thierry Fournier | Dépli | pièce cinématographique interactive

by gregg
Tourné au Japon par Pierre Carniaux, le film Last Room est une fiction et un documentaire. Les occupants de love hotels et d’hôtels capsules se racontent à travers des histoires à la fois intimes et rêveuses, entremêlées de voyages à travers les paysages de l’archipel… Bientôt, ces récits personnels résonnent avec une histoire collective : celle de Gunkanjima, île fantôme à l’abandon au large de Nagasaki, puis avec celle du Japon tout entier.

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