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August 2009

July 2009

Vintage Ninja

by everyueveryme
This is a stream-of-consciousness look at shinobi-inspired media from decades (and in a few cases centuries) past. Beside the black-clad commandos we know and love as ‘ninja’ you’ll also find extended family like masked vigilantes and hooded detectives, trouble-making wizards and mischievous magicians, short-skirted sword girls with shadow skills, and more.

June 2009

May 2009

Official Google Blog: The 2008 Founders' Letter

by kuroyagi
"Today, almost a third of all Google searches in Japan are coming from mobile devices — a leading indicator of where the rest of the world will soon be."

April 2009

TV in Japan

by ycc2106
funny japanese tv videos

February 2009

December 2008

The Samurai Archives Japanese History Page

by Takwann
Welcome to the Samurai Archives, an on-going effort to create an extensive database on the Internet for all interested in this fascinating piece of human history. This page deals with the military aspects of Old Japan, and as such devotes considerable space to the warriors themselves, along with descriptions of battles and various other 'militant' topics. Yet, given Japan's dynamic history, we could hardly confine ourselves to such a narrow view without diminishing the depth and sheer pagentry of our subject . The heart of the page will continue to be the warriors, but with every effort being made to round out our picture. We have and will continue to make every effort to make sure that the information we post is accurate - and will not hesitate to change any mistakes that come to our attention. Where possible, Japanese sources are used - and even these we endeavor to double-check. Nonetheless, inevitably mistakes will be made or reprinted - readers are heartily encouraged to let us know! Moreover, we would be delighted to answer any questions or just hear from fellow lovers of Japanese history. We do not view history or learning as something to be jealously guarded but rather as a gift to be shared with all who seek it.

November 2008

October 2008

Dico des kanji japonais - Les gakushuu kanji

by rike_ & 1 other
Il s'agit d'une liste de 1006 kanji que tout écolier japonais se doit de connaître lorsqu'il termine son 1er cycle d'étude élémentaire. Ils sont regroupés par année correspondant à des niveaux de difficulté croissant.

August 2008

タイコクラブオフィシャルサイト: Art Project

by oqdbpo
TAICOCLUB Art Project は、渋谷にあります街頭ビジョンシブヤテレビジョン) 協力のもと2月1日よりスタートしました。 当プロジェクトでは、1日200万人もの人が訪れる渋谷の街頭ビジョンを 映像作品の展示場所ととらえ、各分野における一流クリエイター達が 「What makes you smile ?」のテーマを元に、独自の世界観による映像作品を公開していきます。

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