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July 2010

Feudal Japan 1564-1573

by Takwann
The map is taken from A History of Japan by Murdoch and Yamagata. Below is a list of the names of the major daimyo. Move your mouse over a daimyo's name to find his holding on the map (does not work with Internet Explorer before version 7).

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March 2010

Sony Japan | make.believe

by oqdbpo

February 2010

January 2010

LEADERS' AWARD ~20万人の学生があこがれる経営者アワード~

by oqdbpo
企業50社の経営者の想いやビジョン、各社のビジネスモデルを通じて 「新しい気づき」 「なりたい未来(オトナ)の目標設定」 につながる 「あこがれる経営者」 を決定するアワードを開催します。

December 2009

Nihon Mingeikan Homepage, Japan Folk Crafts Museum, 日本民藝館

by Takwann
Located in Tokyo, the Mingeikan Museum is housed in a beautiful traditional Japanese building completed in 1936. Founded in the same year, the Mingeikan has over 17,000 items in its collection made by anonymous crafts people mainly from Japan, but also from China, Korea, England, Africa, and elsewhere.


by oqdbpo

November 2009

Cacoo - Web上で図の作成とリアルタイムコラボレーション

by oqdbpo & 11 others
Web上で図の作成と リアルタイムコラボレーション Cacoo(カクー)はWeb上で簡単にサイトマップやワイアーフレーム、UML、ネットワーク図などの図が作成できるドローツールです。 ご利用は無料です。

October 2009

Learning from Shogun

by Takwann
Learning from SHOGUN was distributed by the Japan Society of New York through the good offices of Peter Grilli, and two printings quickly sold out. The authors are pleased to make it available here in PDF format for interested readers and teachers, but please remember that this is copyrighted material and may not be reproduced for more than personal or instructional use. Note that the PDF version is bookmarked for easy access to the separate chapters. We also want to emphasize that Learning from SHOGUN is about Clavell's novel, not about either the TV miniseries or the feature film versions. A postscript to the book does offer my own first impressions of the miniseries, however, of which I was able to see a preview before it appeared on national television.

livedoor ニュース - BLOGOS - 読むべきブログ、見つかる 分かる

by oqdbpo
ちまたの旬な話題から、日本の未来像を問うテーマまで。 いま読んでおきたいネット発のコラムを、『livedoor ニュース』が厳選ピックアップ

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