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August 2005

July 2005

Gajim, a Jabber client

by Arkeos & 4 others
Gajim, un client Jabber libre en GTK2.

JSJaC - JavaScript Jabber Client Library

by mbertier & 6 others (via)
JSJaC is a jabber client library written in JavaScript to ease implementation of web based jabber clients.

June 2005

Jabber Overview

by bobmorane & 3 others
Jabber is best known as "the Linux of instant messaging" -- an open, secure, ad-free alternative to consumer IM services like AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo Project Info - JabSync

by Tuxedo
JabSync is a program intended to synchronize the rosters of two (or more) distinct Jabber accounts. It is written in Python and uses the jabberpy library.

Jabber roster utility

by Tuxedo & 1 other
Récupérer ses contacts jabber

jabberd project

by digitalmonkey & 2 others
"The jabberd project aims to provide an open-source server implementation of the Jabber protocols for instant messaging and XML routing".

2Entwine | Introducing Gush™

by 13121982 & 6 others
Gush is a free, professional grade, cross-platform, instant messenger and newsreader contained in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Gush prides itself on being secure, full featured, and yet simple.

Reconsidering Ajax

by François Hodierne
XMPP vs. XMLHttpRequest. In reconsidering Ajax, Adam Bosworth, seems to be considering XMPP.

May 2005

Classe PHP Jabber

by camel & 4 others (via)
Class.Jabber.PHP is an object oriented solution to make Jabber connectivity for your website, bot, or even IM client as simple as possible when using PHP.

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