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Speeqe – Trac

by greut (via)

Speeqe is a web based, group chat client that works with the XMPP/MUC protocol.

and open source since a couple of days.


xmpppy: the jabber python project

by parmentierf (via)
xmpppy is a Python library that is targeted to provide easy scripting with Jabber. Similar projects are Twisted Words and This library was not designed from scratch. It inherits some code from jabberpy and have very similar API in many places. Though it is separate project since it have almost completely different architecture and primarily aims to work with jabberd2 - the new Open Source Jabber Server. xmpppy is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License and can be freely redistributed without any charge

Neutron homepage | ejabberd

by parmentierf & 1 other
Neutron is a plugin-based Jabber bot written in Python that provides functionalities for individuals and chatrooms. To use it, you only need to create an account on a Jabber server, configure Neutron to log into that account and start it. Neutron will allow users to subscribe to its presence, enter into chatrooms and answer to commands.


by parmentierf & 1 other
Un bot en Python (au moins un début).

SleekXMPP - jabber python lib

by parmentierf & 1 other
Une bibliothèque Jabber en Python. Apparemment assez simple.

biblebot Project Information - JabberStudio

by parmentierf
JD Bible Bot is a Jabber bot client with which you can read the Bible and lots of related material. A Python-language frontend to diatheke/sword.

Utiliser Jabber avec Python — Association Francophone PYthon

by parmentierf & 1 other
Ce petit tutorial va vous apprendre comment envoyer un message jabber grace a la librairie Xmpp.

SleekXMPP - jabber python lib

by talou & 1 other (via)


Gajim, a Jabber client

by thbkrshw & 4 others (via)
Gajim est un client Jabber écrit en PyGTK. Le but des développeurs de Gajim est de fournir un client xmpp complet et facile a utiliser pour les utilisateurs de GTK+. Gajim ne nécessite pas GNOME pour s'exécuter, bien qu'il cohabite très bien avec. Gajim est distribué sous la licence GNU GPL.


by roberto
A Python Jabber library.

Jabber and Twisted

by roberto
A very simple jabber client using twisted.

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