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24 May 2007

jQuery, la seule bibliothèque JavaScript - Le blog d'Aozeo

by delavigne & 1 other
jQuery est une perle, qui se révèle extrêmement utile quand on ne souhaite pas repartir de zéro ni réinventer la roue. Pour un poids minime, le JavaScript devient presque sympa...

22 May 2007

21 May 2007

17 May 2007

16 May 2007

14 May 2007

13 May 2007

12 May 2007

CSS Dock Menu

by batiste & 6 others
Nice proof of concept of a dock-like grapic widget. Very smooth on Opera9. Seems to work on all browsers.

10 May 2007

09 May 2007

Easy Ajax with jQuery [JavaScript & AJAX Tutorials]

by gregR & 1 other
Ajax is changing web applications, giving them a responsiveness that's unheard of beyond the desktop. But behind all the hype, there's not much to Ajax -- (X)HTML, JavaScript, and XML are nothing new, and in this tutorial, I'll show you how to simplify the process of adding Ajax to your application even further with the help of jQuery, a popular JavaScript library.

07 May 2007

jQPie (Jquery PHP interface extension) - Trac

by hobbes
The idea of jQPie is to provide a lightweight PHP interface to jQuery. The lightweight interface allows multiple ways to interact.

06 May 2007

05 May 2007

04 May 2007

JQuery - IEPNGHack plugin

by hobbes & 1 other (via)
IE lt6 PNG hack Method 3: appply png hack to both images in the DOM and css (ultimate method) Special thanks to J. Zaefferer: ideas were taken from tooltip plugin