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J2SE 5.0

by jmgautier
Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) software is the premier platform for rapidly developing and deploying secure, portable applications that run on server and desktop systems spanning most operating systems. J2SE 5.0 is a significant release including many new features and updates while preserving compatibility and stability. The development of J2SE 5.0 was led by Sun and progressed following the Java Community Process (JCP) to include input from a variety of constituents. Some highlights of J2SE 5.0: New language updates: Metadata, Generics, Enumerated types, Autoboxing of primitive types New JVM Monitoring and Management API Improved out-of-box performance New (but compatible) default Java look and feel

Using JConsole to Monitor Applications

by jmgautier & 1 other
The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 release provides comprehensive monitoring and management support. It not only defines the management interfaces for the Java virtual machine, but also provides out-of-the-box remote monitoring and management on the Java platform and of applications that run on it. In addition, JDK 5.0 includes the Java Monitoring and Management Console (JConsole) tool. It uses the extensive instrumentation of the Java virtual machine to provide information on performance and resource consumption of applications running on the Java platform using Java Management Extension (JMX) technology.

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