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Xiph.Org: QuickTime Components

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A "plugin" solution for Mac and Windows users who want to use Xiph formats in any QuickTime-based application. It allows, for instance, to play Ogg Vorbis in iTunes or pto roduce Ogg Theora with iMovie. And it will add support for open video in the "video" tag implementation in Opera

2007 + Music - Embeding + 10000s Music Mp3s + 100000s Music Videos + Myspace Music

by christinayello is an online community that connects young, educated, professional people from all over the world through networks of friends. The site provides a safe, discreet, and trusted environment for meeting other people with similar backgrounds. is for everyone out there. On chillface you can # Keep your favorite bookmarks, audios (MP3), Videos and even Users Live Video Streaming. # Discover/Find new interesting and crazy things on chillface by browsing the site. # Create Playlist and Organize Playlist. # Most Importantly, Add Audio Player, Video palyer to MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Blogs, Xanga, Pretty much anywhere you like. Isn't this great. I just Love it. # Users can create Live Video Streaming and embed it on chillface. Share/bookmark your friends live video streaming. Stream anything and everything you like abiding all rules (no pornography). Through, members can find out about new music releases, listen to their playlist anytime, anywhere they want. To do all this you will have to first sign-up with chillface Hey be a chillface and Join us.


ZapZap - Home

by Tetsuo6995 & 6 others
Un reseau social de podcasting a la digg.

Itune is as closed as Microsoft

by rsegoly
I like the IPOD, it has neat design, I understand why it appeals to young teens. I hate the close environment and limitations of Apple. I live in HK, so cannot buy on Itune store, but I will not pay for songs I can play only on one device, never. Mo

iTunes Signature Maker

by Tetsuo6995 & 3 others (via)
Un site qui fait une signature audio de vos morceaux favoris en prenant quelques secondes des morceaux que vous ecoutez le plus souvent.


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