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Around the World in 80 Days: A Travel Blog by Conde Nast Traveler at

by wiredsetman
Things started going wrong for Florence about a thousand years ago, when a very important man named Hugo--a margrave, no less--decided he wanted to live in Florence instead of the then capital, Lucca, a decision which brought on a period known as The Golden Age of Florentine Art. Half a millennium later, A guy named Lorenzo di Medici started running the show and throwing serious money at local artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci (best known for his thrilling novel, "The Da Vinci Code") and Botticelli. Pretty soon, all the talk was about Florence: The architecture! The paintings! The sculptures! The ravioli!


Bruschetta con pomodori, tomato toasts

by mestolando
Bruschetta with tomatoes is an apetitizer found in almost every italian restaurant around the world, it’s simple and delicious.

Mestolando, where home cooked italian food happens. Italian food video recipes vlog

by mestolando
watch videos of italian food recipes being prepared and cooked from florence, italy. videos are in Flash 8 format. mestolando is a new site with some classic recipes like a basic tomato sauce, risotto with artichokes and other more unique sauces.

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