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September 2004

August 2004

BBC NEWS | Earth warned on 'tipping points'

by tsalon
The world has barely begun to recognise the danger of setting off rapid and irreversible changes in some crucial natural systems, a scientist says.

Johnathan Zittran: Score a victory for the P in IPO

by tsalon
"the clash between Google's contradictory egalitarian and elitist impulses"

Reuters to Move Editorial Jobs From U.S. and Europe to India (

by tsalon
The journalists, who will be based at a Reuters facility in Bangalore, will be responsible for compiling tables, writing short research alerts based on analyst reports and polling analysts for earnings forecasts, according to company spokesman Steve Naru.

July 2004

Christopher Lydon Interviews...

by tsalon
somewhat perssimistic views...but some good questions on the problems in American society

From code war to Cold War

by tsalon
It is time to accept that both sides cannot co-exist peacefully, because open source offers a fundamental challenge to the business model of the closed source, proprietary software developers, one which they must resist if they are not to go out of busine

All news should have (cc) licenses

by tsalon
news outlets ought to embed Creative Commons licenses in the newsfeeds that increasingly deliver their news.

Lawrence Lessig: Outfoxed

by tsalon
case study on free speech and fair use

How Computers Are Changing Your Career(s)

by tsalon
Authors predict that rule-based jobs will go. Jobs gear towards identifying and solving new problems, complex communication and physical labour will stay and grow.

HP Carly Fiorina Speech: Dare to Dream

by tsalon
California Institute of Technology commencement address. The country and the world (both Theory and the speaker maintain) needs scientists to stand up and be a part of public debate.

June 2004

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