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No light, no heat, no bread: stark reality for the powerless in Gaza | Guardian

by ravi
Osama Nahal, a paediatric doctor in the European hospital's special care baby unit, looked resigned. "Politics is politics, but the care of human beings must be away from politics," he said. His unit now has 10 newly-born patients, of whom two are on ventilators.


US Officers planned the Beit Hanoun Massacre

by sabbah
If you find the images in this article revolting, like me, think of the people in Palestine see such images on a daily basis not as pictures but live and anywhere they go, and that this genocide is supported equally by ALL western countries, the EU and the UN. Your taxes are very probably financing what you see here. Speak with your politicians if you do not like what you see. When the the psychopaths and moral degenerates who commit these acts with the help of your governments stop commiting them, I (and others) will stop publishing these images.

Autumn Clouds lead to Gaza Tsunami

by sabbah
This morning only, Israel killed 19 Palestinians in Gaza, including 14 Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli tank fire. Women and children were among the dead in the Gaza Strip. The total number of Martyrs in the last 7 days is over 70. Do you still need any more proofs that “Israeli IS a Terrorist State lead by ELECTED Terrorist“? Isn’t it time for your action?

[NYT] Inquiry Opened Into Israeli Use of U.S. Bombs - New York Times

by ravi
The State Department is investigating whether Israel’s use of American-made cluster bombs in southern Lebanon violated secret agreements with the United States that restrict when it can employ such weapons...

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Israel's shooting of young girl highlights international hypocrisy, say Palestinians

by mikepower
Israeli soldiers killed twice as many Palestinians last week alone - both of them children - as the number of Israelis killed by Hamas all last year.


Profiles and courage

by jasontromm
One Israeli security official was recently asked how his methods differed from those used in the U.S. “You people look for weapons,” he said. “We look for terrorists.”

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