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How Your Business Can Survive a Utility Disruption

by bhartzer
Preparing for utilities disruption is a critical step that your business continuity plan cannot do without. Here is how to create a business continuity plan so your business can survive a utility disruption.


How Rosemary Can Help Your Hair Grow

by kzoo
Rosemary is a lovely aromatic herb that has been extensively used in traditional societies as a folk remedy against hair loss. It has needle-like, dark green leaves and delicate blue flowers. The name “rosemary” is believed to be derived from the Latin language, meaning “dew of the sea”. Since the herb is native to the Mediterranean region, it indeed thrives in the salty, calcium-rich soils of dry costal areas.


Is That A Cellphone In Your Pocket

by bl5189e0
Cellphones and accessories: Is That A Cellphone In Your Pocket


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