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Playlist: The Little White -- or Pink, or Green -- Book

by jinjiru
The iPod has wrought some amazing changes in the music world -- making the audio CD's storage capacity seem puny by comparison and turning the Internet into the place to procure music. Yet the iPod has flipped more than the musical universe on its head.

EphPod - iPod for Windows (and Linux) :: HOME

by chexov & 3 others
Really nice sync application - does what iTunes do not do

Audio Bible Player

by wyliej
The ultimate audio Bible - Read and listen to the Bible on your iPod!

hymn -- decrypt iTunes and iPod music

by relax & 7 others
The purpose of hymn is to allow you to exercise your fair-use rights under copyright law. It allows you to free your iTunes Music Store (protected AAC / m4p) purchases from their DRM restrictions with no sound quality loss. These songs can then be played

Increase the range of the C.Crane FM Stereo transmitter

by wyliej iPod

iPodder, the cross-platform Podcast receiver.

by wyliej & 1 other
downloads podcasts to your computer or portable device based on a RSS feed. iPod

by jabancroft & 14 others
automatically download content for your iPod


Focal Store : iGuy

by fox_b (via)
特殊ソフトシリコン素材を採用し、iPodを入れた状態でスタンドさせたり、様々なポーズを取ることができるiPod 4G / iPod photo用ドール型プロテクトケースです。


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