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4 | Echograph App Lets Pros Make Art With Animated GIFs | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

by sbrothier
A little over a year ago, Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck mashed up fine-art photography with animated GIFs, and the "cinemagraph" was born. Since then, a cottage app-industry has sprung up around this ingenious digital art form, offering everyday folks easy tools for creating artsy animated GIFs of their own. Now a new iPad-only app called Echograph is targeting professional and "prosumer" imagemakers who want to get into the cinemagraph-making game.

Old Japanese Photographs | MAPP

by sbrothier
If you are interested in the field of Japanese photographs as a collector, researcher, dealer, curator or auction house then this book is, quite simply, indispensable. The author has written on and researched the subject for many years and has brought together in one volume the results of exciting new research and also data which has been gathered from long-forgotten and largely inaccessible nineteenth-century sources. Souvenir photographs of Japan, mostly hand-coloured, are extremely collectible today. However, it is usually very difficult to identify the photographer or studio from where they originated. Provided here is a list of more than 4000 such photographs which greatly assists the identification process. Finally, a unique index of over 350 photographers and publishers of Japan-related stereoviews is also included.


125 Magazine for iPad on the iTunes App Store

by sbrothier
125 is a magazine for people who love photography, design, fashion, art and visual culture presented in a grownup package that will entertain, enlighten and provoke debate.


by sbrothier

Inquire | The magazine of inquisitive journalism & intelligent photography.

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
Inquire – previously named Auto de Fe – is a cross-platform magazine of inquisitive journalism and intelligent photography. We publish investigative reporting, compelling reportage, multimedia, interviews, profiles and in-depth photojournalism from around the world.

The New Economics of Photojournalism: Disillusionment, and the making of an app - British Journal of Photography

by sbrothier
Ever since Apple released its iPad in 2010, photographers have been studying the possibilities this device offers to reach new audiences. Yet publishing an app remains a costly endeavour, with limited returns, as photographer Ed Kashi has found. He speaks to BJP's Olivier Laurent about his experience

The New Economics of Photojournalism: The Death of Once Magazine - British Journal of Photography

by sbrothier & 1 other
Once Magazine, which launched a year ago at Visa pour l'Image, promised to offer a new revenue stream for photographers by publishing their work on the iPad. Last month, however, Once closed its doors. The magazine's editor, John Knight, tells BJP what went wrong

Burtynsky: Oil

by sbrothier (via)
"Shocking with beauty" - The washington Post "The definitive photographic documentation of this hotly debated subject" - Paul Roth

Reuters - The Wider Image

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
The Wider Image is an entirely new interactive experience from Reuters, the world's largest news agency. Get the wider story. Transform the way you see. This immersive app, created exclusively for the iPad, reimagines news photography and brings images and information to life.


by sbrothier & 1 other
MAPP is a new business based in Soho, London, which brings together extensive experience in illustrated and art book publishing with digital design and programming. We are creating prototypes of platforms, e-books and apps and discovering the future standards of digital publishing. Working with high profile international artists, curators and museums, our ambitious publishing programme focuses on what the digital space can bring to the challenging content generated by our partners. MAPP aims to be one of the leading digital publishers of illustrated and art content.

How To Tether Your Camera To An Ipad Without Jailbreaking | Fstoppers

by sbrothier
Last year I released a video explaining how to wirelessly tether your camera to an iPad by jailbreaking the iPad. Since then Eye-Fi has released a firmware update that makes wireless tethering possible without the need for jailbreaking. Now, not only is the whole process much easier to set up, it is also much cheaper because you no longer have to pay for the more expensive Pro Eye-Fi card, you can make this work with the cheaper Connect X2 card.

How To Directly Tether Your Camera To An iPad By Lee Morris | Fstoppers

by sbrothier
Update: There is now a new way to tether your camera to the iPad that does not require jailbreaking the iPad. Check out the new video here. Are you a photographer and an iPad owner? If so, you are really going to love this. Are you a photographer who swore you would never buy an iPad because it’s just an over-sized iPod Touch? Well you are about to change your mind.

Magnum photographer chooses the iPad for latest project - British Journal of Photography

by sbrothier
Shot by photojournalist and Magnum Photo member John Vink, the project looks at what is probably "the most important issue in this country recovering at a very fast pace from the Khmer Rouge era," says Vink. "That speedy recovery in an unbridled market economy highlights issues which are common to many developing countries."


iOS Apps: Instagram

by alamat (via)
3.75 Million users love Instagram! It’s a free, fun, and simple way to make and share gorgeous photos on your iPhone.

Storyplanet - Helping you build interactive stories

by sbrothier & 1 other
Our online platform will make it easy to turn photos and video into beautiful interactive stories for your website of facebook.


Vogue lance sa première application iPad | Vogue

by sbrothier
A l’occasion de la sortie du numéro anniversaire, célébrant les 90 ans du magazine, Vogue Paris lance sa première application iPad. Ce numéro exceptionnel de 624 pages, sortira simultanément en kiosque et sur l’Apple Store le 27 septembre. La version papier sera accompagnée d’un portofolio collector XXL de 100 pages regroupant les clichés les plus audacieux de Vogue Paris mais aussi de nombreuses surprises. Photographes, make-up artistes, journalistes… Ils ont tous travaillé pour faire de l’application Vogue Paris un outil aussi performant et novateur, à l’image du magazine. Au menu : un mini-film réalisé par Steven Klein, un clip vidéo filmé par Inez van Lamsweerde et Vinoodh Matadin le making-off d’une séance beauté de Mario Sorrenti. Le must : Carine Roitfeld, rédactrice en chef de Vogue Paris, commentera elle-même sur l’iPad les photos du portfolio collector. Rendez-vous le 27 septembre en kiosque et sur l’Apple Store pour souhaiter un bon anniversaire à Vogue.

Introducing the Guardian Eyewitness app for iPad | Help |

by sbrothier
The development process itself was fascinating and, like many of our products, a great team effort. The inspiration behind the development came from a wonderful side project created by our lead Interactive Technologist, Alastair Dant. The concept was dramatically simple: how might we create a beautiful new interactive environment with which to display our photography content? The results were stunning.

Interview Magazine First Mag for Ipad | TrendLand -> Fashion Blog & Trend Magazine

by sbrothier
Last month CondeNast announced iPad versions of 5 of their titles were being prepped,(not for Vogue and W yet!) . Interview, however, is taking the plunge. Back in February, a video demo of their iPad app ( see below) , showing the photography and text of the magazine intermixed with video and audio content.

drakemartinet » Hacks and Hackers Unite: Developing an iPad app for The New York Times Lens Blog

by sbrothier
This past weekend, a little crowd of journalists, app developers and designers got together under the watchful eye of one Burt Herman to engage in an act of positive rebellion. They were there to wake up the old grey lady, drag her out of her bed, and teach her to dance like Lady Gaga instead of Grace Kelley.

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