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Install MetaTrader EAs - Expert Advisors

by polyxena
It’s easy to include add-ons into MetaTrader - indicators, expert advisors (EAs), and other scripts, customising it to your particular requirements

Interest Rate Cuts All Round?

by polyxena
Thursday will have a similar deal - the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England announce their interest rates. The ECB is forecast - only forecast - to keep things the same, resisting any pressure to cut - which the larger members of the EU, France, Germany, would prefer - but others, Portugal, for example are dead against it.

Don't get obsessed with Forex.

by polyxena
The simple fact is, jaded, fatigued, your decision-making is not going to be better. There’s no argument against that.


Forex candlestick charts: Marubozu

by polyxena
Definitions of the Marubozu can vary…The majority view seems to be that marubozu = a candlestick with no upper or lower shadows. Some will use the term to describe a candlestick with one shadow, usually trailing the trend direction, so that an open (bullish) candle will have a lower shadow and conversely a bearish has an upper shadow.


LME Free Data Service

by deltrintem


by d4nnybarr (via)
Cool site on investment


Welcome to KTM Funds

by davidkoei
Welcome to KTM FundsA United States Hedge Fund. Kevin Teeple has appeared as a featured expert on CNN fn, Bloomberg, the FOX network in addition to the Vertex - About About Vertex Analytics was founded by Kevin Park to offer the investment commun...

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