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LinShim6 | INL: IP Networking Lab

by sylvainulg
host identification header (for IPv6) implemented by UCL guys in linux kernel.

Amy Editor - A Collaborative Text and Source Code Editor for Developers

by camel & 1 other
Core features * Works in your browser (*) * Support for any programming language (**) * Unlimited number of views for one document * Smart code snippets * Full internationalization * Real-time document collaboration * Programmable bundles with Editor * Various color themes * Remote commands, text manipulation * Supports opening documents via FTP, WebDAV, local computer, customized projects and various blog APIs * Easily embeddable to your own page * Host computer clipboard integration (*) Amy can be comfortably run on Safari and Gecko-based browsers (Firefox, Camino, Seamonkey,...) on any OS. It's runnable on Internet Explorer 6,7 and Opera 9 , but it's not officially supported and user experience may not be pleasant. (**) Languages are supported through bundles. It's very easy to add support for your favorite language (and/or dialects). Currently implemented are C, C , C#, JavaScript, Ruby (on Rails), PHP, Java, Texy and HTML. Text editing features * Syntax highlighting * Smart indentation for each language * Code folding * Bookmarks * Word completion * Insert/Overwrite mode * Unlimited undo/redo * Intelligent character pairing * Customizable key shortcuts (*)


POP, Post Office Protocol

by sylvainulg (via)
le bon coin pour avoir une vue d'ensemble sur le protocole POP.


by sylvainulg
a peer-to-peer measurement system (to be used in ANA?)

How to easily Speed Up your Firefox in 4 Simple Steps

by jsbi
Many of you have been asking me how to increase their browsing speeds with BSNL , MTNL, Airtel, Tata Indicom, Reliance , Sify , etc Broadband connections. As usual I have a trick up my sleeves to increase the speed your Firefox performance. The below steps will hold good only if you have a Broadband connection - else it will make your browsing much slower. Let's now have a look at the simple 4 steps. First of all Type “about:config” into the address bar in Firefox and hit return. Scroll down and look for the following entries and make the necessary changes.

On-line Social Internet Bookmarks

by chernobylnews
Video, Music, Software, Programming, Design, Linux, Tools, Technology, Blog, Business, Web, Mac, Free, Opensource, Funny, Reference, Web20, Computer, Ajax, Php,

Internet Security and Programming

by net1
All updated information about Computer & Internet Security including spam, virus, spyware and also programming with perl and php

How to Create a Collapsible DIV with Javascript and CSS

by komodo9
Great web development tutorial for anyone from beginners to programming monks. A simple trick that needs to be used more often.


Javascript debuggers overview

by ajaxpath & 1 other, 1 comment
Seven javascript debuggers with descriptions and direct links to download. Information about documentation and tutorials, widgets and screenshots. You can find debuggers for Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Safari.

Learn HTML

by andreasa
This HTML Tutorial will give you an easy, yet thorough and correct introduction on how to make websites. The tutorial starts from scratch and requires absolutely no prior knowledge of programming.

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