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This Guy Tried To Group Text 32 Tinder Matches And Failed Miserably (Photos)

by sbrothier
Either this dude has no idea how group messages on iPhones work or he genuinely didn’t care that 32 of his Tinder girls were going to see that he sent the same message to each of them. For his sake, I hope it’s the first one. “Joshua” must have been incredibly lazy that day because it appears he sent a mass text to every female he right-swiped. I mean, maybe he was just bored and looking for some innocent companionship, but — no, I really can’t justify this guy if I tried. This is just weird.


Cultivated Wit | We Make Fun

by sbrothier (via)


Bush is Committed - Politics & Government Jokes - JibJab

by Gizmoz & 1 other (via)
Joke Originally Submitted by: aasimpy. "I made this over at - took a few minutes, and then I added in the flash bulbs and other audio fx on my own. The joke was from Letterman."

Tiny Giant to Tour UK God has a Purpose for Everyone

by JomeiKujo & 1 other
US speaker and entertainer Jeff Steinberg who was born with no arms or hands and deformed legs will tour UK churches this April with the message that God has a purpose for everyone


What every woman should know about internet porn

by sbrothier & 1 other, 1 comment
As I’ve spent the last three nights sleeping on the couch I feel a need to try to help my fellow man by providing some useful information to the women of the world. The truth is nearly every man alive looks at porn, and with the internet making porn free, easily accessible, and anonymous, I've never even heard a rumor of a guy who doesn't REGULARLY look at internet porn. If for some reason you don’t think your fella does, your relationship might not be as open and honest as you think.

Thanks. No. - The Nice Way to Stop Spam

by steviehype & 1 other
Do you get those emails from your friends and family, you know the ones, with crap links in them or “forward this to receive good luck”?

Stuff n Things

by steviehype
This site has all the useless, stupid and funny crap one seems to come across on travels of the internet. Yes, thats right, Its another useless website full of little titbits, but that can be fun when your bored right?

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