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Forum des Consoles Portables

by Mario980 (via)
un forum français entierement consacré aux jeuxvideo. tourne sous PUNBB

How to Connect Your Wii to the Internet

by Dimma
The unit can connect to the Internet by utilizing its 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, which is built in, for wireless connections or via a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor for DSL connections.


by DaSayan
Blog de news quotidiennes sur les technologies, l'informatique et Internet, avec également des liens insolites et des jeux.


Sudoku Hints | Puzzle Tips and Strategy

by bhakans
I used to think that Sudoku was boring. I was wrong and now I am totally hooked on the brain-teasers that are Sudoku games. This site is filled with sudoku hints.

US developer, RP artist collaborate on casual game -

by bcpbcp (via)
WHO says you need a huge budget to create a great game? American game developer Phil Steinmeyer and Filipino artist Von Caberte certainly didn’t need one to create a casual game published by PopCap called Bonnie’s Bookstore -- and thanks to the magic of the Internet, they did it without even meeting face to face. Indie Game Development Survival Guide (Game Development Series): Books

by bcpbcp
Guide to designing, developing, and publishing your own game. Discover new and innovative ways to use the Internet to market, test, and deliver your game; explore the Indie game development business and find out if you're ready to develop your own game ideas. Softcover. DLC: Computer games--Design.


ARGN - Alternate Reality Gaming Network

by Sheino
The largest and most complete resource available for players of online collaborative Alternate Reality Games.

The Gaming Open Market

by Sheino
Exchange site designed specifically for trading online game currencies.

Game is virtual. Profit is real.

by Sheino
Web sites have sprung up that allow players to use real currency to buy things that they may want or need for the games, like weapons or real estate.

P e r p l e x C i t y

by Sheino & 1 other
A series of interlinked puzzles spanning mysterious websites, cryptic phone calls, stray emails, hidden messages and live events in random cities around the world.

The ESP Game: Labeling the Web

by Sheino & 6 others
Compete against an other player to help label all images on the web.

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