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Pirate Cat Radio 87.9fm | streaming online

by garret
"an unlicensed low powered community radio station, broadcasting on 87.9 megahertz, to both the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles basin."


WMSE 91.7FM | Frontier Radio

by garret
"91.7 WMSE-FM is a non-profit, listener-supported radio service educationally licensed to the Milwaukee School of Engineering."


by garret
Playable archives (June 10, 2005 to July 27, 2007) of Dave Kusick's radio show on KPSU before its name was changed to That Sound. Visit for recent shows or to subscribe to a podcast.


That Sound | Dave Cusick's weekly radio show | KPSU

by garret
Listen to archives of Dave's excellent weekly radio show on KPSU that features recent music from mostly independent artists. Playlists are provided for each show, and include links to each band's website or Myspace page. You can also subscribe to a podcast for the show.

WNYU | student-run radio station | playable archives

by garret
Highly recommended: The New Afternoon Show, an eclectic mix of rock and related music. The only place in and around New York to hear the newest independent and imported sounds without chatter and filler. Three and a half hours a day of pure, unadulterated adventurous New Sounds. Each DJ adds their own perspective to give the show some nice daily variation. Plus ticket giveaways, interviews, guest DJ's and live in-studio performances by today's underground stars. A playlist with song information is available for each show.

KRUU-LP 100.1 FM | Open Radio

by garret
"KRUU is more than just a community radio station: it is also a grassroots initiative with a deep commitment to the principles advocated by the various free and open movements. Or as station manager James Moore more extensively described it during the inaugural Open Views programme, KRUU is "grassroots, community, public, non-profit, open radio." Richard Poynder


WFMU | Free-form/Community Radio

by garret & 2 others
WFMU plays an extremely diverse range of music. All programs archived in MP3 and Realaudio.

WFPK 91.9 FM | Free-form Radio

by garret
WFPK Radio Louisville plays an eclectic mix of rock, blues, world music and more for adults. Listen live online. For optimal sound play the aacPlus streams using a player such as VLC.

Free Radio SAIC | Internet Radio Shows

by garret
Experimental radio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Daily Planet | Perth, Australia | Mon-Fri Music Show

by garret & 1 other
"Since 1990, The Planet has provided a unique window into the world's diverse, traditional and innovative musics. Good players don't put music into little boxes, so we don't either. You'll hear jazz, blues, folk styles, art music and more. The best from all these genres is artfully combined: each show its own journey with a particular focus, but each one itself richly diverse, yet deliciously interconnected." Listen to archived shows.

WMBR - MIT | College Radio

by garret
MIT's student broadcasting station offers a wide range of great shows. Two standouts are: The Late Risers Club, a Punk Rock show that's been running for 25 years, and Breakfast of Champions. WMBR archives it's recent shows, so you can listen to them anytime.

Subcity Radio | Glasgow University's Student Radio Station

by garret
"Subcity Radio is the student radio station based at Glasgow University. For the past eleven years we have been pushing the boundries of student radio in all respects. Free from commercial restraints, we aim ourselves squarely at music lovers across Glasgow and beyond. With no set playlist and 90% specialist programming, you're sure to find something you like." Click on Listen Again for archived shows that you can listen to anytime.

Sounds Eclectic | Radio Show Archives

by garret
"Sounds Eclectic with host Nic Harcourt is a weekly two-hour mix from the best of Morning Becomes Eclectic, the daily music program from legendary Los Angeles Public Radio Station KCRW." | Radio-Show/Podcast Directory

by garret
Listen to radio shows on-demand. Underheard archives recent college and community radio shows that you can stream, download, or subscribe to.

Live Constructions | Radio Show Archives

by garret
"Live Constructions invites guest artists to the studio to perform live, play recorded compositions, or air radiophonic work. Over the years, many musicians, composers, sound artists, and radio artists from around the world have participated in the program."

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