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14 September 2007 05:45

The Players Association | Streaming DJ Mixes

by garret
"The Players Association is a unique online radio station where you can listen to and search streaming DJ mixes. Ok, so whats unique about that you may well ask? We are not an exclusive service for the usual superstar DJs. There are countless sites for that. We are not a large commercial company wishing to tap into the underground, The Players Association was set up by DJs for Djs. Our site is open for anyone who has a passion for music and wants to share it with the world. Djs can upload two mp3 mixes for free. Your profile will not be visible until you upload. Music lovers, this is a space to discover hidden talents so tune in to your hearts content. What sets us apart from most mix sites is the search engine facility, you can search within mixes for a specific artist, title, DJ or genre - and this opens up a whole new level of musical discovery and exploration."

17 June 2006 20:45

dub beautiful collective | Internet Radio

by garret
Live ambient, downtempo, and IDM recordings from events in San Francisco.

10 May 2006 00:45

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