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June 2009

Yahoo! My Display Ads | Create an ad targeted to your customers

by kuroyagi
"Find an ad template you like, then click the ad to customize it for your business. Change text, image, colors and even add your own logo. You can also upload your own ad. "

February 2009


by kuroyagi

June 2008

異色対談 小飼弾vs勝間和代「一言啓上」|ダイヤモンド・オンライン

by kuroyagi
"ヤフーはウェブ広告の「パイオニア」であると同時に、この程度で落ち着いちゃっているという状況をつくった「戦犯」でもあるわけです。  ヤフーは10年世の中を早く進めたけれど、逆に5年遅らせてもいる。だから、プラマイ5年という感じですかね。僕の印象では。"

February 2008

Yodel Anecdotal » Blog Archive » Revolutionizing the online advertising market

by kuroyagi
"As the largest publisher on the Web that also leads in display advertising, and holds a strong number two in search, we maintain one of the world’s largest advertising networks and operate the Right Media Exchange. We’re truly in the best position to understand the evolving needs and demands of the entire ecosystem."

Yahoo Formally Rejects Microsoft Bid [SearchEngineWatch]

by kuroyagi
"AOL doesn't have its own search index, but licenses Google's, so an AOL tie-up would likely see Yahoo keep its search and search ad operations. AOL has been investing heavily in advertising technology, adding Tacoda (behavioral targeting), AdTech (ad serving, big in Europe), Lightningcast (video ads), Quigo (contextual ads) and Third Screen Media (mobile ads) to its newly formed Platform A business, built around the base of its ad network."

January 2008

The Yahoo! Searchlight Award

by kuroyagi (via)
"The 2008 Yahoo! Searchlight Award Show will be an exclusive event for marketers and advertising agencies, and features a keynote address on industry issues and the challenges facing today's marketers."

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