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Search and Display at SMX West - 1 1=3 (or 4, or even 5) - adCenter Blog - Microsoft Advertising Community

by kuroyagi
"If you're a search advertiser and have never done display or successful display campaigns, I hope you will find these tips helpful: "



by kuroyagi

ヤフー、楽天、MSが新商品を投入・広告ネットワークの戦い(1) インターネット-最新ニュース:IT-PLUS

by kuroyagi
"楽天ad4Uは、資本参加したドリコムの技術を使ったものだ。ユーザーのブラウザー側で保有している履歴情報をもとにユーザーの嗜好を解析して、広告を配信するという仕組みになっている。" これはまずいでしょ……

Yahoo Formally Rejects Microsoft Bid [SearchEngineWatch]

by kuroyagi
"AOL doesn't have its own search index, but licenses Google's, so an AOL tie-up would likely see Yahoo keep its search and search ad operations. AOL has been investing heavily in advertising technology, adding Tacoda (behavioral targeting), AdTech (ad serving, big in Europe), Lightningcast (video ads), Quigo (contextual ads) and Third Screen Media (mobile ads) to its newly formed Platform A business, built around the base of its ad network."

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