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October 2010 > Une nouvelle expérience de consommation des médias avec les webdocumentaires

by sbrothier & 2 others
Là où je suis particulièrement conquis par ce format c’est qu’il fonctionne à la fois sur les touchbooks (pour un premier visionnage) mais également sur un ordinateur (pour l’accès au bonus et la participation aux discussions). La formule magique semble donc avoir été trouvée : un document vidéo chapitré + des contenus additionnels + une interface minimaliste + des espaces d’interactions sociales.

Matias Gallipoli

by gregg
portfolio, web design, front-end development, user interface design and more...

-Les carnets de traverse

by gregg & 2 others
Carnets de voyage digitaux poétiques

The Old Fashioned » Realigning the new Twitter

by sbrothier & 1 other
Recently Twitter redesigned its web interface. The new panel-esque design really encourages to use the web app instead of having to tweet with desktop clients like Twitterrific or Tweetie. The interactions work as expected, and somewhat remind me of those found on Twitter for iPhone, which makes perfect sense since it’s Twitter’s official iPhone app. Overall: impressive work, and thumbs up.

September 2010

August 2010

Geckoboard - Realtime Business Status Board

by topdos & 4 others
Together at last! Web analytics, CRM, support, infrastructure, project management, sales... all in one place. Geckoboard is a hosted, real-time status board serving up the indicators that matter to you. Finally, a live view on the health of your business!

July 2010

User Interface Design Framework | Huge GUI elements library for Illustrator | 290 free vectors icons

by claire_ & 3 others
A free User Interface Design tool for Web Designers • Design faster wireframes and create better mockup deliverables in Illustrator. • Design usable application interface with hundreds of common GUI elements : just drop them from Illustrator Panels or pick them in the library files. • Customize easily the vectors GUI elements to your own needs : you can easily resize, color or tweak their appearance. • Benefit from a consistent UI elements library made by a web designer expert in application interface design

by stoneland & 25 others
User Interface Design Pattern Library. UI patterns for web designers. See examples and read rationale, solutions, and implementations for each pattern.

ProtoFluid - HTML5 and CSS3 Web App Prototyping

by kloh & 6 others
Pour tester le rendu d'un site sur mobile (iphone/ipad/nexus one/droid)

Interface - the ultimate mockup & prototyping tool for iPhone & iPad - Handcrafted by Less Code

by sbrothier & 1 other
the ultimate mockup & prototyping tool that runs right on your iPad. with Interface HD you can create & preview mockup screens for your iPad project using native iOS controls.

June 2010

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