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August 2006

Design Inside Yahoo!: George Oates | unraveled

by sbrothier
This is the second interview of Design Inside Yahoo! This time, I interviewed George Oates, the UI designer at Flickr. I talked to George about Flickr’s beginnings at Ludicorp, its place in Yahoo!’s social media strategy and the Flickr design process.

Anand Agarawala's Homepage!

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
Skilled in rapid prototyping interactive graphics and 2D/3D user interfaces. Extensive training in fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Usability. Proficient videographer, productions include 3D Animation, Music Videos, Short Film Fiction, Documentary, Interactive Flash, TV segment and opening sequences, Advertisements, Visual Effects and Bluescreening.

The Skins Factory - The World's Premiere Interface Design Company

by sbrothier & 4 others (via)
Founded in 2000 by rogue interface enthusiasts with a bold vision and a passion for all things GUI, The Skins Factory has quickly grown into the world's premiere service provider for truly innovative graphical interface solutions. Our reputation has been built by an unprecedented commitment to excellence in all aspects of the interface development process - from start to finish our clients quickly realize that they've made the best possible choice in deciding to work with The Skins Factory.

June 2006

May 2006


by sbrothier
The editor below represents the default settings. You can add and remove tools using both server-side code and control designer in your IDE.

FCKeditor - The text editor for Internet

by sbrothier
Interface et skin de l'editeur wysiwyg fckeditor

April 2006

Big Ideas come out of Big Pencils

by sebadupre & 11 others
Site web proposant un design et une qualité de navigation extra-ordinaire

March 2006

uPortal 3 User Interface - uPortal - JA-SIG Wiki

by nhoizey
Un excellent travail préparatoire pour la conception de l'interface du portail logiciel libre uPortal dans sa version 3


by brianj1400
Excellent resource for designers and an intellegient set of links to articles about branding and design.

JavaScript Tabifier

by marco & 10 others (via)
Automatically create an html tab interface

January 2006

OPML Sampling: Build a Page Showing the “Best” Item From Each RSS Feed-- The Glass is Too Big - J Wynia

by sunny & 3 others
Script qui prends ton opml de fils rss et qui te fais une liste des meilleurs articles d'après leur nombre de liens qui pointent vers eux. Pfiou.

December 2005

Free CSS Menus

by sunny & 3 others
Des css de jolis menus en tabs, libres d'utilisation !

November 2005

October 2005