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jQuery - jQAPI - Alternative jQuery Documentation Browser

by decembre & 2 others
This is a alternative interface to browse the Official jQuery Documentation that can be found on GitHub . The aim of this project is to get out of the way of your development work. Quickly switch to this docs and find what you are looking for.



2007 - Patterns in Interaction Design

by oqdbpo & 6 others
A Pattern Library for Interaction Design This site contains a lot of best practices in Interaction Design. Over the years I have collected examples and insight on their applicability that I share with you here on this. So there is really no 'original' design to be found here, sorry. It has all been done before... See it as a reference or basic 'toolkit' you can use when design user experiences. It is no substitute for creative design, it simply seeks to describe what we know and have learned about solutions you will find abundantly on the web and even beyond. Every 'solution' described in these patterns may succeed in one context but may also fail in another. The challenge is to understand why and how it depends on elements of the context of use. I give you my opinion here, but may opinion is also subject to new this site will be updated!

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by bhenriet & 2 others
the Diemen Repository of Interaction Design Patterns



GUIdebook: Graphical User Interface gallery

by Hydragon
Welcome to guidebook, a website dedicated to preserving and showcasing Graphical User Interfaces, as well as various materials related to them.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines

by Sheino & 2 others
Defines the standard appearance of specific user interface components such as windows, menus, controls, text and icons. Also shows many layout examples.

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