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Library of Babel

by sbrothier
The Library of Babel is a place for scholars to do research, for artists and writers to seek inspiration, for anyone with curiosity or a sense of humor to reflect on the weirdness of existence - in short, it’s just like any other library. If completed, it would contain every possible combination of 1,312,000 characters, including lower case letters, space, comma, and period. Thus, it would contain every book that ever has been written, and every book that ever could be - including every play, every song, every scientific paper, every legal decision, every constitution, every piece of scripture, and so on. At present it contains 1,024,640 volumes.

a hollow body | a cinematic experience through the city of london

by sbrothier & 1 other
A Hollow Body is a cinematic experience, a soundtrack for the city. An interactive mobile app with specially composed music score and narration guides you and a companion on a journey through the City of London. Commissioned by the Museum of London as part of their Sherlock Holmes exhibition programme, this is not a typical history walk or tourist guide. Imagine walking through a film where you are the main characters; the streets and narrow alleys of London acting as your cinematic backdrop.

The Dawn Wall : Nice example of a 3d interactive NYTimes article

by manu
The Dawn Wall El Capitan’s Most Unwelcoming Route

PwC. The right people to get the extraordinary done.

by sbrothier & 2 others
With the right team working with your business, truly extraordinary things can happen, whether it’s helping a domestic airline fly internationally or a major research hospital innovate new ways to combat diseases. From advisory services to assurance, PwC gets the extraordinary done.


Aesop Story Engine

by jdrsantos
"Aesop Story Engine is a collection of thirteen unique components wrapped in a plugin that can be used to tell rich, interactive stories in (almost) any WordPress theme."


by sbrothier & 1 other
THE NEW STANDARD IN INTERACTIVE VIDEO Interlude videos are interactive, engaging and completely seamless, offering a multi-layered video experience for the digital age

Unnumbered Sparks

by sbrothier
An interactive community artwork by Janet Echelman & Aaron Koblin

'Game of Thrones' and the Oculus Rift took me from Austin to Westeros | The Verge

by sbrothier
The elevator at Castle Black rumbled beneath my feet. Cold air blasted against my face, reminding me yet again how hostile the environment was here at the Wall, the home of the Night's Watch. At the top, I looked down across the realm from the dizzying, almost impossible heights. I reached out to steady myself, the wind howling in my ears. That's when the scary part began.


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