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AskTog: First Principles of Interaction Design

by simon_bricolo & 6 others
Basic principle of human-computer interaction, from AskTog, the Webzine for Computer Professionals, their Family, and Friends

:ratio | user experience architects

by simon_bricolo
We help you create intuitive websites or applications and craft enjoyable experiences for your users. Based in Switzerland, we are a small and agile user experience agency. We are passionate about Information Architecture, Usability and Interface Design.




by Sheino
Information architecture blog

Ruth Kikin-Gil's site

by Sheino
Explore ways where existing social interactions and behaviors can be supported (or transformed) by technology and be better facilitated through new products and services.

Peugeot 407

by Sheino
Experimental-narrative website for Peugeot 407

Interactive walls and boards

by Sheino & 1 other
A list of interactive walls and boards at the blog Pasta and Vinegar.

MouseField: A Simple and Versatile Input Device for Ubiquitous Computing

by Sheino
Play music, skip track and control music by sliding or rotating a CD jacket placed on MouseField.

ITP students gallery 2005

by Sheino
Projects including installation based work, digital video and audio pieces, interactive 3D, games and educational applications, to name only a few.

andreea chelaru | portfolio

by Sheino
Interaction designer portfolio with interesting projects

Adaptive path » essay archives

by Sheino
Archive of all essays published by Adaptive Path, cover subjects such as "The Enterprise Search Report", "Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications", "Making A Better CMS", etc.

NUMBER27 / The Work of Jonathan J. Harris

by Sheino & 1 other
Portfolio by the creator of the 10x10 news website and Wordcount; also some cool Infographic maps depicting the state of the world,

WORDCOUNT / Tracking the Way We Use Language /

by Sheino & 9 others
WordCount™ is an interactive presentation of the 86,800 most frequently used English words.

haque :: design + research

by Sheino
Specialises in the design and research of interactive architecture systems.

The Invisible Rabbit

by Sheino
Daniel Harvey's resume site and blog about technology, information/culture, interaction design, web design, and web agencies.

adidas Y-3

by Sheino & 5 others
Yamamoto-Adidas Spring/Summer ’05 collection.

The Hive Group - Creators of Honeycomb Technology

by Sheino
Data visualization; works in similar way than Smart Money or Google News. Applied to browse iTunes and Amazon. reblog

by Sheino
Blog by Tim Shey, a designer and artist who works in wireless, interactive television, and interface design.

Pasta and Vinegar

by Sheino
A blog by Nicolas Nova about pasta (human computer interaction, innovation, technologies, futuristic trends, location based services, mobile computing, user-centric stuff) and vinegar (various weird stuff).

a n t e n n a

by Sheino
A Blog from Giant Ant about Visual Design, Interface Design and User Experience.

by Sheino
Links, thoughts, and essays from Peter Merholz.

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