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Peter Molyneux : L'avenir du jeu est dans l'intelligence artificielle émotionnelle - FingLive!

by parmentierf
Milo est un enfant capable de voir notre monde, de se souvenir de nos interactions avec lui, qui s’adapte et s’inspire de vous. Milo va nous faire entrer dans l’ère de l’intelligence artificielle émotionnelle. Il peut parler, avoir des conversations avec vous, interagir de manière totalement naturelle. “Milo va être fasciné par le joueur et inversement. Et c’est cela qui est la vraie narration”,


Marcus L Endicott

by parmentierf (via)
Marcus L Endicott Artificial Intelligence (AI), Semantic Web & Web 3.0 in Travel & Tourism

pyector - Google Code

by parmentierf
ECTOR is a learning chatterbot. pyECTOR is its python version.

Virtual evil - Boing Boing

by parmentierf (via)
What does it mean to be truly evil? Cognitive scientist Selmer Bringsjord is developing a virtual human that embodies their evolving definition of "evil." In development for several years, the character, named "E," is designed to interact with humans in a way that sounds similar to a chatbot, albeit a really demented chatbot. Bringsjord is even considering the ethics and "danger" of making an evil software program.


Chatterbots, Tinymuds, and the Turing Test

by parmentierf (via)
This paper describes the development of one such Turing System, including the technical design of the program and its performance on the first three Loebner Prize competitions. We also discuss the program's four year development effort, which has depended heavily on constant interaction with people on the Internet via Tinymuds (multiuser network communication servers that are a cross between role-playing games and computer forums like CompuServe). Finally, we discuss the design of the Loebner competition itself, and address its usefulness in furthering the development of Artificial Intelligence.

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