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AudioRealism Bass Line 2

by mixher (via)
udio Units and VST for Mac OS X


The Array Mbira

by wabaus
The Array Mbira is a musical instrument.


home of eowave

by Emaux
Chez Eowave, nous créons des instruments innovants pour la musique et les arts interactifs, des systèmes interactifs pour les danseurs, des systèmes de captation pour les installations interactives, des sytèmes interactifs pour les musées et l'événementiel, des systèmes interactifs pour les vitrines et la PLV, des systèmes interactifs pour les jeux vidéo, nous développons des systèmes interactifs pour que vos idées deviennent réalité..


Granular Synthesis: Resource Site

by Emaux
This resource has been designed for composers, musicians, researchers and anyone who has an interest in sound design and musical composition using granular synthesis. It features music, forums, software and guides on what granular synthesis is and how it can be used for creating music and soundscapes. It also covers control mechanisms and instrument building using granular synthesis as a sound source. Feel free to use these resources for research, musical composition, and discussions.



Ben Yates » How to Play Piano

by xibe

Piano as a Second Instrument is a 30-page tutorial for beginning players and songwriters. It takes a relaxed approach, and gives you tools to create your own music. (It’s also free.)


MIDI and Music Synthesis Tutorial

by Emaux
The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) protocol has been widely accepted and utilized by musicians and composers since its conception in 1983. MIDI data is a very efficient method of representing musical performance information, and this makes MIDI an attractive protocol not only for composers or performers, but also for computer applications which produce sound, such as multimedia presentations or computer games. However, the lack of standardization of synthesizer capabilities hindered applications developers and presented new MIDI users with a rather steep learning curve to overcome.

Orgue de barbarie et limonaire Odin orgues de barbarie à anches

by Emaux
Établissement ODIN : Manufacture d'Orgues de Barbarie à flutes et à anches, à lecture mécanique 79, Le Crêt Pendu 42170 Saint Just-Saint Rambert France Tel 33(0)

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