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FlashBoot: Install Windows XP/Vista/7 from USB and more

by cascamorto
FlashBoot is a tool to convert Windows XP/Vista/7 installation CD/DVD to bootable USB disk, useful for Windows installation on netbooks and other devices without CD/DVD drive. FlashBoot supports USB flash thumbdrives and USB hard disks. Also, using FlashBoot you can create blank bootable USB flash with minimal set of system files and then manually tune it for your needs, or convert a full-featured bootable CD-ROM or floppy disk to bootable USB Flash keeping all functionality. Different operating systems are supported: Windows 7/Vista, Windows XP, SysLinux-based disks, GRUB4DOS disks, Linux kernel etc.


Welcome -

by ycc2106 & 1 other is a service that allows you to boot nearly any operating system or utility on any computer with a wired internet connection - without having to know ahead of time what you'll want to boot. Once you can, you never need to update your boot disk again! works through the magic of netbooting. There are a number of ways to boot a computer with The simplest is to download a bootable image and burn it to a CD, USB memory stick, or floppy disk. Boot off it on any networked computer, and it will automatically fetch the latest boot options from and let you choose from dozens of installation, recovery, testing, portable desktop and other tools. You can also start from any computer running gPXE, or from any netbootable computer with some simple tweaks to your DHCP server.


Compléments à l'installation d'une Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron — Lone-Wolf Scripts

by cascamorto & 1 other
Cet article vous guide à travers les actions qui vous permettront de compléter l'installation de votre Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. A la fin de cette page, vous disposerez d'un système prêt pour une utilisation quotidienne.


by lecyborg & 6 others
Munin the monitoring tool surveys all your computers and remembers what it saw. It presents all the information in graphs through a web interface. Its emphasis is on plug and play capabilities. After completing a installation a high number of monitoring plugins will be playing with no more effort. Using Munin you can easily monitor the performance of your computers, networks, SANs, applications, weather measurements and whatever comes to mind. It makes it easy to determine "what's different today" when a performance problem crops up. It makes it easy to see how you're doing capacity-wise on any resources.


Wonders of 'dd' and 'netcat': Cloning OS harddrives

by sylvainulg & 1 other (via)
Des scripts et des conseils pour cloner un système linux. Peut-être plus très à jour depuis la multiplication des liveCD, mais tout de même.

The perfect start with Smoothwall Express 3.0

by lecyborg
Smoothwall Express is an internet firewall, which allows you to protect your network, as well as providing NAT functionality. It is ease to use and configurable via a web-based GUI. This open source firewall distribution requires absolutely no knowledge of Linux to install or use. This workshop shows the installation and basic configuration of the current release Smoothwall Express 3.0.

Framasoft - Sauvegarde et restauration de partitions avec un Live CD GNU Linux Knoppix

by cascamorto
Le but de ce document est de montrer comment il est possible de sauvegarder et restaurer rapidement la partition système d'un pc sous windows au moyen d'un outil sous licence GNU. Le maniement de cet outil est à la portée d'un utilisateur prudent ayant un bon niveau de pratique sous windows. Les notions propres à linux sont expliquées dans la suite de l'article. Le matériel nécessaire consiste simplement en un CD Bootable sur lequel aura été gravé une distribution Linux knoppix récente.

UDP Cast

by cascamorto
UDPcast is a file transfer tool that can send data simultaneously to many destinations on a LAN. This can for instance be used to install entire classrooms of PC's at once. The advantage of UDPcast over using other methods (nfs, ftp, whatever) is that UDPcast uses Ethernet's multicast abilities: it won't take longer to install 15 machines than it would to install just 2. UDPcast is released under the GPL 2.0 license. Parts of the code (fec.c) falls under a BSD-like license.

How To Install Enlightenment E17 The Easy Way - Ubuntu

by lecyborg
The installation of Enlightenment E17 sited in this thread uses the repositories created by the Elbuntu team. Special thanks goes out to all of the Elbuntu developers for taking the time to package E17 for Ubuntu and making the repositories available to the community.

Aide Ubuntu - installer, configurer et utiliser Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, la distribution Linux en vogue

by cascamorto & 3 others
Vous trouverez sur Aide Ubuntu de nombreuses ressources pour apprendre à installer, à configurer, et à utiliser au quotidien votre distribution préférée Ubuntu, Kubuntu et Xubuntu (basée sur Debian). Nous vous offrons des conseils sur des problèmes réseau, les différentes applications.


Pen Drive Linux - Install, Boot and Run Live Linux on a USB Flash Pen Drive

by cascamorto & 13 others (via)
How to Install, Boot and Run Linux on a USB Flash Pen Drive! Covering how to Install, Boot and Run Live Linux on a USB Flash Pen Drive. By installing Live Linux on a Memory Stick, you can now bring your operating system, favorites, e-mail, applications, personal settings and files with you to run on any computer that can boot from a USB Flash device. It's like having a mini personal computer in your pocket!

Setting Up the Perfect Ubuntu Linux Desktop

by hanso
The script below is the solution to make Ubuntu the "Linux for ALL human beings".

Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Configure Apache to work with PHP4 and PHP5

by nhoizey (via)
There are many ways to make Apache work with two PHP versions in parallel. The easiest way is to use PHP4 and PHP5 as a CGI binary, or PHP4 as CGI binary and PHP5 as Apache module (or the other way around).

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