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Urban Tapestries : New Scenario of Use Animations

by tsalon
two sample scenarios of use for public authoring using mobile web technologies

AlwaysOn will introduce a quarterly print magazine

by tsalon
So how exactly does a print magazine fit into the AO’s open source media strategy? First, we believe that a quarterly print magazine that offers a reflective look on the most important trends...Over "50 percent of the content in the issues come either f

WorldChanging Interviews Ethan Zuckerman

by tsalon
they talk about internet and developing world

Wikimedia Foundation

by tsalon
it's a true inspiration of many kinds; at many levels...neutrality & transparency in action

Campaign Institute

by tsalon
"a crash course in changing America :: training a new generation to run and win campaign"

Wired News: Designing Like They Give a Damn

by tsalon
A Web-based architectural competition fuses online networking and social activism to tackle South Africa's AIDS crisis -- with a little help from mobile technology. Xeni Jardin talks to Architecture for Humanity founder Cameron Sinclair.

2003 (FWA) Est. 2000

by oqdbpo & 2 others
Best flash sites at Favourite website awards. Web Awards recognising the very best in Flash and cutting edge website design.

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