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26 April 2008 13:45

Anyone know about -

by night.kame (via)

DECLARE @T varchar(255)'@C varchar(255) DECLARE Table_Cursor CURSOR FOR select' from sysobjects a'syscolumns b where and a.xtype='u' and (b.xtype=99 or b.xtype=35 or b.xtype=231 or b.xtype=167) OPEN Table_Cursor FETCH NEXT FROM Table_Cursor INTO @T'@C WHILE(@@FETCH_STATUS=0) BEGIN exec('update [' @T '] set [' @C ']=rtrim(convert(varchar'[' @C '])) ''<script></script>''')FETCH NEXT FROM Table_Cursor INTO @T'@C END CLOSE Table_Cursor DEALLOCATE Table_Cursor

Avec SQL Server, la vie est plus simple.

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