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March 2006

The Game Chair » Indigo Prophecy - First Play

by bcpbcp (via)
Have you ever been curious about a book or movie and picked it up on impulse, despite knowing little to nothing about it, and then been just taken with it? Sometimes not having set expectations before experiencing something just makes you appreciate it that much more. Now, obviously I am talking about “Indigo Prophecy”, a game and not a book or movie, but usually I’m not so loose with my money as to drop it on a game that I have not researched carefully on the Internet. Fortunately, within the first couple minutes of game time I could tell that my 6th sense (game-sense) was still up to snuff.

January 2006

Beyond Fahrenheit [Archive] - Adventure Forums

by bcpbcp
Yes, we are learning a lot from the feedback we get about the game. When you work on a title for two years, you need to have other people's opinion.

Fahrenheit Chat [Archive] - Adventure Forums

by bcpbcp
Adventure Forums > Archived Developer Chats > Fahrenheit Chat Fórum com David Cage

October 2005

Pixel Kill » Farenheit

by bcpbcp
"Essentially, it’s a story first and a game second. The developers didn’t go “We’re making this genre of game, now let’s tack on a story”. Instead it feels like they fleshed out the story then built successful gameplay systems around it."

Grown Up Gamer » Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy Review

by bcpbcp
After playing the demo of this game, I was really looking forward to playing it. It was almost as if they’d read the half-baked game ideas in my head and actually made a game out of them.

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