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YaCy Distributed Web Search

by nhoizey
YaCy is a scalable web search engine with an integrated web crawler and content analysis and managements functions. One YaCy installation can store more than 20 million documents, but in a community of search peers YaCy can provide a search index of unlimited size.


Search Engine Ranking Factors | SEOmoz

by nhoizey & 3 others
Every two years, SEOmoz surveys top SEO experts in the field worldwide on their opinions of the algorithmic elements that comprise search engine rankings.

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Flash indexing with external resource loading

by nhoizey & 1 other
We just added external resource loading to our Flash indexing capabilities. This means that when a SWF file loads content from some other file—whether it's text, HTML, XML, another SWF, etc.—we can index this external content too, and associate it with the parent SWF file and any documents that embed it.

HubLog: Annotation of Scientific Articles

by parmentierf
I made a web-based interface for curating the results of entity extraction from scientific papers. It converts XML files to text, passes the text through machine annotators, lets curators add/delete/modify the annotations, then splices the annotations back into the original XML file.


"Folksonomies et de l'indexation sociale"

by Catherine & 3 others
Présentation d'Olivier Ertzscheid au congrès ABES.

SCRIBO - Welcome to

by parmentierf & 1 other
SCRIBO - Semi-automatic and Collaborative Retrieval of Information Based on Ontologies - a pour objectif la mise au point d'algorithmes et d'outils collaboratifs pour l'extraction de connaissances à partir de textes et d'images et pour l'annotation semi-automatique de documents numériques.

Artesi IDF

by parmentierf
SCRIBO, projet de logiciel libre pour le traitement sémantique de l’information multimédia

Thetis pro

by Gladys De Micheli
Logiciel gestion photothèque en ligne.


Comment faire pour créer et configurer un catalogue pour l'indexation

by nhoizey
Cet article explique étape par étape comment créer et configurer un catalogue pour l'indexation dans Windows

Microsoft Enterprise Search Blog : Announcing Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express

by nhoizey
Our aim for Search Server Express is to give you a free and powerful enterprise search product that’s incredibly easy for you to deploy.

Delayed Indexing

by CharlesNepote
"All wiki sites are suffering under a deluge of WikiSpam. Unwelcome links are added to pages, for the sole purpose of increasing SearchEngine PageRank. This site, the WikiWikiWeb, now requests that search robots not index pages that have been recently edited. We call this DelayedIndexing."

calculer backlinks indexed pages pagerank indexées

by signalsurf calculer web site backlinks indexed pages pagerank whois nom domaine calculator classement positionement referencement google search engine all home MSN search Yahoo! Altavista AOL

► Connaître les pages récemment indexées par Google

by camel & 8 others
A l'aide du paramètre as_qdr, vous pourrez trouver toutes les nouvelles pages découvertes par Google dans un laps de temps donné contenant l'expression clef de votre choix. Il suffit de renseigner ce paramètre avec une lettre et un chiffre

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