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Welcome To The Experiment

by gregg
The Quiet Ones | In Theaters April 25

February 2014

Mod Productions - ACO VIRTUAL

by gregg
A creative collaboration with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, ACO VIRTUAL is a world-first interactive experience that lets the audience take control and play with the musicians.

Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales I An immersive fairy-tale

by gregg
Announcing the world debut of a never-before-experienced immersive storytelling event – a theatrical reimagining of award-winning author Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales for Young and Old in Shoreditch Town Hall, London.


by gregg
A performance installation inside the mobile heart of the city: a taxicab. 'Cause you never know where you're going 'til you get there..."

January 2014

Interzone - Celebrating William S Burroughs 100 Years - Guerrilla Zoo

by gregg
Guerrilla Zoo presents an experiential event inspired by the life and times of William S Burroughs.  Based within the strange and seedy "metaphorical stateless city" of 'Interzone' inspired by the cult beat writer whilst in the north Moroccan city of Tangier during 1950s, where he wrote his acclaimed influential nonlinear novel Naked Lunch. 

December 2013

Invisible Cities Opera

by gregg & 1 other
A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME IMMERSION Imagine yourself in LA's historic Union Station, surrounded by passengers and passersby, wearing a state-of-the-art pair of Sennheiser wireless headphones, and experiencing a new opera happening all around you - live.

Cabaret Rhizome | Follow the Right Rabbit

by gregg

November 2013


by gregg
RETZ tell stories without boundaries. RETZ are a performance company dedicated to bringing classic stories to life by allowing them to breathe in the real world. Our stories are told live, on film and online.

October 2013


by gregg
View performances from a new perspective, watch up to four cameras at one time, and use the orchestra visualisation to learn more about the instruments & musicians involved."

September 2013

My Neck Of The Woods

by gregg
Immerse yourself in the live transmissions of three young people as they walk through their neighbourhoods in Manchester, telling you about their lives and asking you about yours.

July 2013


by gregg
reated in 1999 by artistic director Tristan Sharps, dreamthinkspeak creates site-responsive works that interweave live performance with film and installations to create extraordinary journeys that are artistically ambitious, visually layered and popular with audiences wherever they are performed.

Secret Cinema's creative director on the future of live music (Wired UK)

by gregg
For 17 nights this summer, the team behind Secret Cinema welcomed over 7,000 people to a run-down school in Hackney to introduce their latest immersive production concept. Within the walls of the Grand Eagle Hotel, Secret Music took shape.

Gideon Reeling - Purveyor of Bespoke Theatrical Experiences

by gregg
Gideon Reeling make truly immersive theatrical experiences. We make them for theatres and individuals, for brand experiences and cabaret nights, for festivals and parties.

Best theatre of 2012, No 9: You Me Bum Bum Train | Stage |

by gregg
This summer's new incarnation of the immersive theatre sensation didn't just live up to the hype – it blew it away.

You Me Bum Bum Train, Empire House, Stratford, review - Telegraph

by gregg
You Me Bum Bum Train has you facing your fears and living out your fantasies

All the disused building's a stage: Punchdrunk's The Drowned Man is their most ambitious show yet - Features - Theatre & Dance - The Independent

by gregg
The founder of the pioneering theatre group tells Alice Jones that they are keen to keep on pushing the boundaries.

Felix Barrett: the visionary who reinvented theatre | Observer profile | From the Observer | The Observer

by gregg
The founder of the Punchdrunk company has no time for stages or even seats. Their 'immersive' style has had huge influence in theatre and beyond. And their new show is their most ambitious yet

These Pages Fall Like Ash

by gregg
this is a story told across two books. One is a beautiful, crafted physical artefact, the other a digital text on hard drives hidden across a real city and read on your mobile device. The two books will come together and provide a unique reading experience.

How intimate theatre won our hearts | Lyn Gardner | Culture | The Guardian

by gregg
Shows that go one-to-one with theatre-goers are huge this year. What's behind this desire for intimacy?

The Walls Come Tumbling Down

by gregg
In immersive theatre, audiences are breaking the rules—moving around, talking with the actors and molding the action

dog & pony dc

by gregg
dog & pony dc is an ensemble of artists who devise innovative performances that incorporate new ways for audiences to experience theatre.

We Players

by gregg
We Players presents performance events that transform public spaces into realms of participatory theater. We bring communities together, reclaiming local spaces for public discourse and civic celebration through art. Extending the transformative powers of performance beyond the stage, we invite our collaborators and audience to engage fully and awaken to the spectacular world around us

Then She Fell

by gregg
An immersive theater experience combining a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll, and just 15 audience members per show

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