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Eden PHP, librairie PHP : accès facilement à Google, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal etc.

by dzc & 2 others
bibliothèque PHP qui centralise les accès à un grand nombre de services web, passerelles de paiement, bases de données etc. Ci dessous, la liste exhaustive de tous les composants pris en compte :


Hébergez vos mails sur Ubuntu Server (et libérez-vous) « ®om's blog

by nicolargo & 1 other
Tutoriel d'aide à la création d'un serveur de messagerie sous Ubuntu



Snaapy NetworkedCMS - Trac

by ogrisel
Multi protocol Python/Twisted CMS with a SQLAlchemy based persistence engine

Internet Draft : IMMP -- Internet Message Mapping Protocol - draft-sabarish-immp-01 - Sabarish Ramanathan, Sabari Illam - May 2005

by digitalmonkey
"The services that IMMP provides are mapping mails into appropriate subinbox (inside the inbox) when the messages are received through SMTP, Extended inbox management and Spam guard management".

Internet-Draft: IMAP-PROXY service for mobile clients to do submitting and forwarding - draft-royer-lemonade-submit-00 - D. Royer, INET-Consulting - June 14, 2003 - Expires: December 13, 2003

by digitalmonkey
"This memo describes a method that allows mobile clients to use the IMAP protocol and submit messages to a IMAP-PROXY service that understands [E]SMTP and IMAP".

Internet Draft: LDELIVER - draft-maes-lemonade-deliver-02 - S. H. Maes, R. Cromwell - (Editors) - September 2005 - Expires: March 2006

by digitalmonkey
"This draft introduces LDELIVER and LCOMPOSE as a LEMONADE extensions to the IMAPv4 Rev1 protocol [RFC3501] to enable sending email as an IMAP command"

Internet Draft: IMAP and SMTP HTTP Binding - draft-maes-lemonade-http-binding-04 - S. H. Maes, R. Cromwell, N. Mitra (Editors) - January 2006 - Expires: July 2006

by digitalmonkey
"[...] this document describes an alternative, optional binding for IMAPv4 and SMTP showing how HTTP can be used to transfer commands and responses. [...] A binding to SOAP is also provided".

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