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12 March 2006 05:30

Internet Draft: WITHIN Search extension to the IMAP Protocol - draft-ietf-lemonade-search-within-00 - S. H. Maes , R. Cromwell - Eds. - February 2006 - Expires: August 2006

by digitalmonkey
"WITHIN is an extension to [RFC3501] SEARCH which returns messages whose internal date is on or within a specified interval and differs from SINCE in that an interval in seconds is specified instead of a date".

12 March 2006 05:00

12 March 2006 04:45

Internet Draft: IMAP extension for referencing the last SEARCH result - draft-melnikov-imap-search-res-02 - A. Melnikov, Isode Ltd. - June 2005 - Expires: December 2005

by digitalmonkey
"This document proposes an IMAP extension that allows a client to tell a server to use the result of the latest SEARCH (or UID SEARCH) command as an input to any subsequent command".

12 March 2006 04:30

Internet Draft ; IMAP4 SEARCHM Command for Multiple Mailboxes - B. Leiba, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center - February 2001 - Expires August 2001

by digitalmonkey
"This extension allows a client to search multiple mailboxes with one command, limiting the round-trips and waiting for various searches to complete. This also introduces named searches, allowing a client to pipeline the searches if it choose

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