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April 2006

March 2006

Alan’s Blogometer » Blog Archive » Thunderbird Tagging Extension

by digitalmonkey
"Paul Alexandrow the author of Tag the Bird, has noted that his extension allows for the addition of user tags and that he’s wanted to add IMAP support, which is why I’m going to start out by reading through his source code".

fredericiana » Thunderbird Tagging Extension

by digitalmonkey
"We need a tagging extension for Thunderbird. Urgently. It’s just a pain (and soooo “web 1.0″!) not being able to combine emails in an IMAP folder by other means than making yet another folder".

Internet Draft: Sieve -- IMAP flag Extension - SIEVE Email Filtering: IMAP flag Extension - draft-ietf-sieve-imapflags-04 - A. Melnikov, Isode Limited - February 2006 - Expires: August 2006

by digitalmonkey
"This document describes an extension to the Sieve mail filtering language for setting [IMAP] flags. The extension allows to set both [IMAP] system flags and [IMAP] keywords".

February 2006

September 2005

Zvon - RFC 3501 [INTERNET MESSAGE ACCESS PROTOCOL - VERSION 4rev1] - Protocol Overview - 2.3.2. Flags Message Attribute

by digitalmonkey
"There are two types of flags in IMAP4rev1. A flag of either type can be permanent or session-only. A system flag is a flag name that is pre-defined in this specification. [...] A keyword is defined by the server implementation".

Internet-Draft (Intended category: Informational) : Common IMAP keywords - draft-melnikov-imap-keywords-03.txt - A. Melnikov, Isode Ltd. - August 2005 - Expires: February 2006

by digitalmonkey
"The aim of this document is to document some common [IMAP4] keywords for the purpose of improving interoperability between different IMAP mail clients. The document both documents some keywords already in use, as well as introduces several

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