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Eden PHP, librairie PHP : accès facilement à Google, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal etc.

by dzc & 2 others
bibliothèque PHP qui centralise les accès à un grand nombre de services web, passerelles de paiement, bases de données etc. Ci dessous, la liste exhaustive de tous les composants pris en compte :


How to Delete Emails from Gmail IMAP Access Mail Client « My Digital Life

by night.kame

In order to delete a email message from all folders in Gmail, or move the mail message to trash by using IMAP email client, users will have to physically move the message to the [Gmail]/Trash folder in the IMAP folders shown in the client.

Si Google avait un quelconque rapport avec le Père Noël, ils auraient réussi à coder l'effacement en IMAP depuis 5 ans...


Feed au format mail et sync par IMAP - Carnets de La Grange

by ghis
Intéressante pensée pour créer un système de blog par mail, synchronisable en IMAP.


Hébergez vos mails sur Ubuntu Server (et libérez-vous) « ®om's blog

by nicolargo & 1 other
Tutoriel d'aide à la création d'un serveur de messagerie sous Ubuntu

Achieving Email Bliss with IMAP, Gmail, and Apple Mail

by marco & 1 other
Scroll down until you see Advanced IMAP Controls and click the Enable checkbox next to it.

Message aging - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

by etheriau
How to have Thunderbird delete messages

Thunderbird Help: Tips & Tricks

by etheriau

imapsync - IMAP synchronisation

by Spone
imapsync - IMAP synchronisation, sync, copy or migration tool. Synchronise mailboxes between two imap servers. Good at IMAP migration.


Z-Push - open source push technology

by camel
Mobile data synchronization is becoming increasingly important for many people, and various standards have arisen to perform this two-way copying 'over-the-air'. The most important platforms that can do wireless synchronisation are ActiveSync that is used to communicate with Exchange Server and Research-in-Motion's BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Both solutions require proprietary server-side software from the vendor, therefore limiting the use of PIMs (personal information managers) to either wired synchronization or irritating 3rd-party synchronizers requiring the installation of client software on the PDA.

getmail documentation (version 4)

by camel
getmail is a mail retriever designed to allow you to get your mail from one or more mail accounts on various mail servers to your local machine for reading with a minimum of fuss. getmail is designed to be secure, flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use. getmail is designed to replace other mail retrievers such as fetchmail. getmail version 4 includes the following features: * simple to install, configure, and use * retrieve virtually any mail o support for accessing mailboxes with the following protocols: POP3 POP3-over-SSL IMAP4 IMAP4-over-SSL SDPS (Demon UK's extensions to POP3) o support for single-user and domain mailboxes o retrieve mail from an unlimited number of mailboxes and servers o can remember which mail it has already retrieved, and can be set to only download new messages * support for message filtering, classification, and annotation by external programs like spam filters and anti-virus programs * support for delivering messages to different destinations based on the message recipient * reliability o native safe and reliable delivery support for maildirs and mboxrd files, in addition to delivery through arbitrary external message delivery agents (MDAs) o does not destroy information by rewriting mail headers o does not cause mail loops by doing SMTP injection, and therefore does not require that you run an MTA (like qmail or sendmail) on your host * written in Python, and therefore easy to extend or customize o a flexible, extensible architecture so that support for new mail access protocols, message filtering operations, or destination types can be easily added o cross-platform operation; getmail 4 should work on Unix/Linux, Macintosh, and other platforms. Windows support available under the free Cygwin package. * winner of various software awards, including DaveCentral's "Best of Linux"

Hivelogic - No Labs Love for Google Apps

by night.kame

As far as I'm concerned, the presence or not of labs on GApps is secondary to just having the IMAP lab. In fact, if all they turned on for GApps was the ability to hide/show IMAP folders, that would be gold. Liquid gold. In a handbasket.

A quoi reconnaître un internaute gogolisé ? Il serait prêt à léchouiller n'importe quel humain avec un badge Google pour avoir une implémentation IMAP standard sur son compte GMail payant, alors que les utilisateurs gratuit l'on à peu près (après 3 ans d'attente).

Diminuez de moitié le volume de vos mails

by nhoizey
Si vous utilisez un client lourd IMAP avec GMail, vous pouvez maintenant arrêter de synchroniser le dossier « All Mail »

Mail-trends |

by simon_bricolo & 5 others
Mail Trends lets you analyze and visualize your email (as extracted from an IMAP server).

ImapSync: migrer un compte imap vers un autre

by camel
ImapSync est un script qui permet de copier de manière incrémentale et récursive un compte mail depuis un serveur vers un autre, à l’aide du protocole IMAP. L’intérêt de cet outil est qu’il ne copie que les mails qui n’existent pas encore sur le serveur de destination, rendant la migration beaucoup plus rapide qu’avec d’autres méthodes, en particulier si la migration s’interrompt en plein milieu: avec ImapSync, la migration continuera la où tu t’en étais arrêté. On notera que cet outil préserve de plus le statut de chaque message (lu, non lu, supprimé). Enfin, chaque message copié peut au choix être supprimé de la boite d’origine ou non. Autrement dit, cet outil peut être utilisé aussi bien pour synchroniser un compte mail avec un autre, que pour migrer un compte mail. Project details for imapsync

by nhoizey
imapsync is a tool for facilitating incremental recursive IMAP transfers from one mailbox to another. It is useful for mailbox migration, and reduces the amount of data transferred by only copying messages that are not present on both servers

Imapsync |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
"un script qui permet de copier de manière incrémentale et récursive un compte mail depuis un serveur vers un autre, à l’aide du protocole IMAP. L’intérêt de cet outil est qu’il ne copie que les mails qui n’existent pas encore sur le serveur

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