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February 2011


by Monique

IE9 is definitely better than IE8 and a step in the right direction, but I don't believe it to be a truly modern browser, and let me tell you why.

By Paul Rouget

October 2010

IE 9 does not resize text sized in pixels | 456 Berea Street

by Monique
It would be great if IE behaved the same way as other browsers.

September 2010

IE9 : qu'en pense-t-on chez Opera et Mozilla ?

by Monique
Interrogés par nos soins, Charles McCathieNevile, travaillant sur la prise en charge des standards chez Opera Software, et Tristan Nitot, président de Mozilla Europe, ont accepté de partager leurs sentiments sur ces nouveautés d'Internet Explorer.

March 2010

Internet Explorer 9: Platform Demos

by parmentierf
Interested in checking out the new Web platform capabilities of Internet Explorer 9?

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