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November 2010

Designing Obama - Welcome

by sbrothier & 3 others
The Obama presidential campaign was an innovation in American politics and American design. For the first time, a candidate used art and design to bring together the American people—capturing their voices in a visual way. The Design Director of the Obama campaign, Scott Thomas, has collaborated with artists and designers to create Designing Obama, a chronicle of the art from the historic campaign.

September 2010

July 2010

Brand New: Opinions on Corporate and Brand Identity Work

by naudjf & 13 others
Brand New: Opinions on corporate and brand identity work. A division of UnderConsideration

May 2010

MOVIM - Plateforme Sociale Libre

by Spone
Le projet MOVIM (pour My Open Virtual Identity Manager) vise à créer une plateforme sociale complète, opensource et totalement décentralisée dans le plus grand respect de ses utilisateurs

April 2010

Gstreamer et identity

by nicolargo
Récupérer des informations sur les flux de streaming GStreamer

Logo Process – Keyboard Kahuna Identity Development

by marco
Often hard to imagine so such much work going into a logo design project, more so when the final logo design is so clean and ’simple’. This is often the way, a logo design process post helps put the whole project into context, to see the amount of work required behind the scenes.

March 2010

Plastic ID

by idcards
Professional quality identity equipment, including cards, plastic badge printers, lanyards, ID card software, ribbons and much more. Get high quality full colour plastic card printing from any PC or laptop with our ID system bundles.

November 2009

October 2009

Ident Engine

by nhoizey
"Without much conscious thought, most of us have built identities across the web. We've filled in profiles, uploaded photos, videos, reviews and bookmarks. The Ident Engine uses semantic web API’s to bring together these web footprints."

September 2009

Carrefour Fades (to Color) - Brand New

by sbrothier
more at Carrefour’s Facebook page. !!! wtf ?


by brianj1400 & 1 other
Logo inspiration

Create online business card - » Home

by oseres (via)
Create your online card. Make your "tiny" portfolio online in which you'll be able to integrate your networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), a little about you and how to contact you. Choose between many nice skins and features.

Hi, I'm - your nametag on the internet

by oseres
eaturing your latest content from your favorite networks, your Hi, I'm page tells everyone who you are and what you're about all on one page.

August 2009

July 2009

April 2009

DandyID: Universally Portable Social Identity!

by ycc2106
Create a globally recognizable profile that follows you around the web and appears on DandyID enabled sites. Manage it from a single location.

February 2009